Leo Davis is a patient who was brought to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after being dragged by a cab.



As Leo was getting into his cab, Tim Bowman rushed up and got into it. The two argued for a moment before Tim slammed the door, unknowingly trapping Leo's tie. Tim instructed the driver to pull away, causing Leo to be dragged behind the cab.

Luckily, Jackson Avery and Matthew Taylor were nearby and rush to his aid. He wasn't breathing, so they needed to get an airway because the ambulance was still ten minutes away. While Jackson was distracted trying to control the crowd, Matthew used a pocket knife and the straw from Jackson's pocket to perform a tracheotomy, which allowed Leo to breathe again.

However, when they arrived at the hospital, Jackson informed April Kepner that Matthew had made the incision much too wide and low and horizontally instead of vertically. They took him up to the OR to fix the damage from that.

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