Lenny Shulte was a patient of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who was injured in the mudslide after the Super Storm.



Lenny was brought into the hospital with injuries from the mudslide. He was knocked unconscious as he was trying to evacuate Lydia Ashford. While he was being evaluated, he began choking. When he was turned on his side, he spat out mud, suggesting that he had aspirated it. April inserted a chest tube, which allowed the feces trapped in his chest to be released. His diaphragm had been ruptured, allowing his colon to move up to his chest, which created an infection risk. They sent him for an x-ray and prepared to operate.

In surgery, they discovered that his abdomen was fully contaminated. They ran his bowels and prepared to pack him. However, after they packed him, he began bleeding through it and stool was still leaking. They went to resect more of his bowel when he started having arrhythmias and was in PEA. Owen began to perform CPR. After 20 minutes of CPR, Lenny was pronounced dead.



Marla ShulteEdit

Lenny was married to Marla Shulte and they had at least two daughters.


Lenny was the captain of Ladder Company 54 until his death. He and his crew were part of the rescue efforts following the Super Storm and mudslide.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • His time of death was 15:56.

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