Laura Wallace is the ex-wife of Sheldon Wallace.



Laura called her ex-husband Sheldon when she left her fiancé at the altar. They went on her honeymoon together because it was already paid for and then continued to travel together when it was over. ("Drifting Back")

Second Relationship with SheldonEdit

After their trip, she and Sheldon got back together. ("Aftershock")

They went to a black tie gala together. While they were dancing, Sheldon told Laura he had prostate cancer. His prognosis was good, but she said their weekends together were supposed to be a break from real life and she ended things with him. ("I'm Fine")



Sheldon WallaceEdit

She was married to Sheldon Wallace. After several years of being divorced, they briefly dated again, but she broke it off when she found out he had prostate cancer. ("I'm Fine")


She's a doctor with a practice in New York. ("I'm Fine")