The Klausman Institute

The Klausman Institute for Medical Research is a medical research facility and hospital located in Zurich, canton Zurich, Switzerland.

It is one of the best medical research facilities for Cardiothoracic Surgery in the world. It was founded by Preston Burke with the help of a European billionaire.

Known staffEdit

Current StaffEdit

Former StaffEdit

  • Dr. Preston Burke (former Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery/Chief Medical Officer)

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It is solely financed by a billionaire and doesn't depend on state funding.
  • Surgeons and cardio specialists from all over the world work there.
  • Preston Burke handed it over to Cristina Yang.
  • The hospital owns 49 3-D printers. They had a 50th, but it was buggy, so they sent it back.
  • Creating a live, beating, functional heart using the 3-D printers isn't impossible at the hospital, according to Preston Burke.
  • It is the leading center for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Switzerland according to a sign in the institute.

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