Kira Donelly is a first-year medical student who toured the hospital.


As a first year medical school student, she toured Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, shadowing Meredith Grey for the day. She spent the day texting her boyfriend, even going so far as to ask if she could take a picture of their patient to send to him. When she seemed disinterested in doing a post-op exam, Meredith dismissed her, saying she could just go home. Kira then said she'd noticed Meredith taking pregnancy tests and was trying to get on her good side by asking about her husband.

At the end of the day, she gave Meredith a negative evaluation, stating that Meredith seemed to have a lot going on personally.



She seemed to have a slight crush on Derek as she called him a 'jackpot' in front of an annoyed Meredith. However, she also stated that she had a boyfriend.