Kim Allen is a patient with terminal cancer who decided to end her life through physician-assisted suicide.


Kim had been diagnosed with stage IV large-cell lung cancer. She had a second mass removed from her lung, but her tests revealed the cancer had spread. Two months later, she was re-admitted to the hospital with pulmonary edema and made the decision to end her life through physician-assisted suicide. Teddy asked Owen Hunt to consult on the case to be the second physician signature, but when he refused, Mark Sloan became the second.

However, Owen's doubts forced Teddy and Cristina Yang to run more tests, which confirmed that nothing more could be done. Owen then confronted Kim, asking what would happen if they found a cure tomorrow. She said that even if it did, it was too late for her.

Her husband filled the prescription and then lay beside her while she died.



She was married to Sean Allen until her death.