Kevin Fisher is psychiatry resident working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Anthony MeloyEdit

George asked Alex, who was overseeing the pit, for a psych consult for his patient. Alex didn't agree at first, but when George told him that it would be on him when George's patient ran away and hurt himself. Alex then agreed and Dr. Fisher was paged to the ER. By the time he arrived, the patient was missing. He had gone up to the roof and jumped off. ("Sweet Surrender")

Hayley MayEdit

Hayley May was brought into the ER by her parents, because she tried to claw her eyes out. Hayley was diagnosed schizophrenic a couple of months before. Dr. Fisher paged for a surgeon, and Alex Karev responded to the page. Dr. Fisher told Alex that he needed Alex to clear her before he could take her up the psychiatry. However, Alex doubted the diagnosis of schizophrenia and didn't clear Hayley so he could run a couple of tests. ("Shiny Happy People")


Kevin is psychiatry resident employed at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Before the merger, Dr. Fisher worked at Seattle Grace Hospital.



Episode StillsEdit

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