Keith Hitchens was brought to the ER after being trampled at the convention center.


Keith was at a convention, waiting in line to get one of 15 limited-edition TARDISes that were being given out. He fell onto the floor and was trampled. His ear was torn off and his spine was fractured in the chaos.

He was brought to the ER where his injuries were assessed. Mark said that he could reconstruct his eat using cartilage from other parts of his body. Keith was unable to feel his feet, so he was sent for an MRI.

He had surgery to repair his spine. However, after his surgery, he found out that Greg had sold the TARDIS and lashed out, re-injuring his spine. He had to be taken back into surgery to repair the bleed. Since his ear had already been detached for 20 hours, Mark was worried about it staying viable so it could be re-attached. Jackson had the idea to put it in his abdomen so the blood supply could keep it viable. His spinal injury was repaired and his ear was later re-attached successfully.



His friend Greg managed to snag one of the TARDISes. Keith requested that he at least keep it in the living room that that they could both see it. Greg confessed that he had sold it, angering Keith. However, Greg later confessed that he had sold it to help pay Keith's medical bills.