Katy Noonan was a patient of Cristina Yang and Craig Thomas who was born with a complete vascular ring.


Doomsday PreppingEdit

Katy and her husband Will are doomsday preppers, but they're prepping for things like Ozone depletion. They have a seed bank and several "bug-out" bags.

Heart SurgeriesEdit

Scans revealed that Katy had a very large aneurysm that had formed because of a congenital heart defect. Two surgeries were planned: the first to fix the aneurysm and the second to repair the defect so another aneurysm wouldn't form.

In her first surgery, her aneurysm burst, but they were able to save her and repair the problem. After surgery, they had to wait until she woke up to see if she'd have lasting damage.

She woke up the next morning and they planned to proceed with the second surgery. When Will vocalized some concerns about the second surgery, Katy reminded them that they take action.

In surgery, Dr. Thomas had a heart attack and died. Despite this, Cristina was able to complete the surgery successfully.



She is married to Will Noonan. They met at a workshop on making "bug-out" bags.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She loves flowers.
  • Her aneurysm was the largest Craig Thomas had seen in his career.
  • Craig Thomas died while operating on her.

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