Katie was the babysitter for Ella Holmes, who was in an accident and had to be brought to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Ella's AccidentEdit

Ella was injured when she rode her scooter down the hill, which she knew she wasn't allowed to do. As her parents were out of town, her babysitter, Katie, accompanied her to the hospital. When Ella was taken to the OR, Katie was left waiting.

Leah Murphy later went to update her and Katie was convinced that Ella's parents would hate her. She said when something terrible happens, you have to blame someone and they’re not going to blame their child.

When Ella's parents arrived, Katie left her hospital room. She was going to leave, but instead, she decided to wait outside the room in case they needed anything.



She got along well with Ella's parents, but feared they would blame her for Ella's accident.

She was also fond of Ella herself.


She babysat for Ella Holmes until Ella was in an accident that broke her femur. Ella's parents were in Alaska at the time studying the nesting habits of eagles.