Kathleen Shepherd is the sister of Derek and Amelia Shepherd.


Early LifeEdit

Kathleen was born into a large family in New York, the family often meets up on holidays although when Derek stopped, she asked Nancy to visit him, to find out why Meredith's panties were on the bulletin board. ("Let the Angels Commit")

Derek Needing a NerveEdit

Meredith ordered Heather Brooks to call all of Derek's sisters to ask them to donate a nerve. Heather mentioned she left Kathleen a message. Kathleen somehow got Heather's phone number and called her back. It is left unknown why she called because Heather hung up on her, and everyone she was on the phone with, on Meredith's orders. ("Love Turns You Upside Down")



She is married.


She has children.


Kathleen, like the rest of the Shepherd family, is a doctor, trained in psychiatry.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is the only Shepherd sister not to have appeared on Grey's Anatomy to date.
  • Meredith mentioned that Kathleen seemed like a good mother, and her children seemed sane, though she wouldn't like to hang out with her often.[1]
  • In Meredith's phone contacts, Kathleen is listed as Kate Shepherd.
  • She went to a French preschool.[2]