Kara Wei is a Congressional candidate and old friend of Violet Turner.


Early LifeEdit

Kara's mother used to beat her and her brother. When Kara was sixteen, her mother hit her with a belt and knocked four of her teeth out. She used to put the hand of her nine year old son Robbie on the stove because he mouthed off. Kara later killed her mother, but the judge ruled it self-defense. She became depressed and went through shock therapy at St. Ambrose Hospital to help.

In college, she met Violet Turner and they became best friends. She helped Violet after she was raped, but she never told the full story about her mother.

Congressional RunEdit

When Kara was running for congress, she called Violet and asked for a favor, for her to destroy her medical records. She believed that if a politician or reporter got the file, which, although illegal, could be done, then her political career would be destroyed.

Violet could not decide, but after a fight with Kara and later Cooper Freedman, she decided to take the file. She was almost found out, but an oblivious Charlotte King vouched for Violet and Violet walked away with the file.

She approached Kara and asked her to let her in. Kara told her about her childhood and Violet handed her the file, but gave her an ultimatum: to choose her friendship or her career, and choose the person she was and not the person she wanted to be. However, without hesitation, Kara started shredding the contents of her file and Violet left.



Kara killed her mother to defend her brother from severe abuse.


Kara and Violet Turner met in college and became best friends. Kara helped Violet through her rape, but never opened up to Violet about the abuse she suffered as a child. Their friendship ended when Kara shredded her medical files instead of facing the person she was.


Kara Wei is currently the Assistant District Attorney and a Congressional candidate.


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