Judy Dolls are handheld dolls. There are a wide variety of dolls (one being Black Judy) and they each come with a variety of accessories (for example, go-go boots).

Season TwoEdit


Judy dolls.

Meredith had a patient who had a bowel obstruction due to the fact that he had swallowed 10 Judy doll heads (When Meredith asks why he did it, he replied, "Because eleven would have been too many."), initially believed to be drugs. Bailey collected lots of Judy dolls as a child, Meredith wanted one, but never got one and Cristina used to get them and shave their heads and remove their limbs. ("Enough is Enough")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Miranda Bailey said that one of the Judy dolls had a resemblance to Meredith.
  • Miranda Bailey likes Judy Dolls so much she is able to tell you the doll's name and its accessories just by looking at its head.

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