Jorge Cruz was admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital surgical wing with seven nails in his head.



Jorge came into the hospital after falling down a set of stairs with a nail gun. As a result of the fall, he had accidentally fired seven nails into his head. When he arrived at the hospital, he was unable to see. The doctors did research into the best way to deal with the situation and only discovered that they should try to get them out as quickly as possible and watch for heavy bleeding. His wife then revealed that he'd been having headaches and dizzy spells, so after Derek removed the nails, he started looking for possible causes. The next morning, Jorge's sight had returned, but an MRI to check for bleeding revealed a tumor on his hypothalamus. Jorge was given his options. He could either have 3-5 quality years with focused radiation or he could have the tumor almost completely removed, which would give him 5-10 years, but since the tumor was where his personality lived, there was a chance he'd lose his memories and his personality. Jorge decided on the surgery and his wife supported his decision.



Jorge is married to Zona Cruz. They have a very loving relationship. Every morning, Zona makes Jorge a cheese omelet, which he says is the only thing she knows how to make and she says is the only thing he likes. When they had to decide between 3-5 good years and 5-10 years with Jorge's personality maybe being different, Jorge chose the 5-10, which Zona supported.

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  • He takes photos as a hobby. His wife had recently gotten him a new digital camera.


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