Jordan Kenley was the Head of Pediatric Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital who died from a heart attack.



Alex and Bailey attempting to resuscitate Dr. Kenley

Kenley died in front of a young patient, Jackson Prescott. While Karev and Bailey tried to resuscitate him, they were unable to. Prescott had been a patient of his for a long time. Kenley had lollipops of various colors in his lab coat pocket and just before he died, he was talking about whether or not Jackson should get one.



Jordan had a wife who was called moments after his death.


Dr. Jordan Kenley had worked at Seattle Grace Hospital for decades and was the Head of Pediatric Surgery at the time of his death. According to Richard Webber, he was a "son of a bitch" and was good with a scalpel and patients, but horrible to his colleagues, competitive, insecure, and aggressive; he would not be missed.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He had lollipops of various colors in his front pocket.

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