Joe Price is a detective at the Los Angeles Police Department.


Lee McHenryEdit

When the police picked up a man from the streets who was covered in someone else's blood, Joe called Sheldon in to get the man talking and evaluate him. All they knew was that his name was Lee. He watched as Sheldon tried to get more information out of Lee. ("Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?")

Charlotte's AssaultEdit

After learning that Charlotte had been raped, Sheldon went to Joe and told him he believed he knew the person Lee had raped. ("What Happens Next")

They called in Charlotte to come to the station. Cooper went in and was told that they think they found the guy and needed Charlotte to identify him so they could charge him. When they did a lineup, she froze and said he wasn't there, despite Lee being in the line. Charlotte later came in to do a second lineup and identified Lee as her rapist. ("Can't Find My Way Back Home")


Joe came to Sheldon when Aaron needed to be cleared to return to work after fatally shooting a robbery suspect. Joe expected Sheldon to clear him easily and became upset when Sheldon refused. Sheldon eventually convinced Aaron to tell the truth about what had happened during the shooting, leading Joe to tell Sheldon they weren't friends anymore and not to call him if he needed something. ("The Standing Eight Count")

Sarah Nelson's DisappearanceEdit

When Sarah had been missing for 94 days, a suspect had been arrested, but Sarah hadn't been found. Sheldon went to Joe and told him be believed the man who had been arrested hadn't taken Sarah and Sarah was actually with one of his patients, Nick Calhoun. The next day, Sheldon had a session with Nick in which he tried to goad Nick into confessing that he'd taken Sarah.

After he placed Nick on a 5150 hold, he lied to Joe and said Nick had confessed and said he had Sarah. They went to Nick's house, where they found Sarah in the basement. ("I'm Fine")



Sheldon WallaceEdit

He and Sheldon are friends. Whenever the police force needed a psychiatrist for something, Joe called Sheldon in.


Joe is a detective at the Los Angeles Police Department. He'd been a cop for 30 years. ("I'm Fine")



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