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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Slow Night, So Long

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Joe is the owner of the Emerald City Bar, across from the hospital, where the doctors often go for a drink after work.


Early LifeEdit

He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.

Brain SurgeryEdit

Derek and Burke performed a stand-still surgery to clip an aneurysm in Joe's brain. Joe didn't want the surgery because of the cost. He feared he would not be able to keep his bar which was his life. Joe had had his bar for more than fifteen years. Luckily, George O'Malley was able to convince the Chief to have Joe's surgery funded by a grant, allowing him to keep the bar.


He enjoys listening to other people's problems, keeping the peace, breaking up fights over games of pool and darts, baby-sitting drunk employees of Seattle Grace, controlling the flow of alcohol as well as the remote He also enjoy movies, television, exercising (in small doses) and almost any outdoor activity.

Joe is very friendly to his customers, one of the many reasons the hospital staff all go there.




On a camping trip, Joe revealed during a discussion with the Chief that although he and Walter had been "on-and-off" for about ten years, they were now committed and considering the possibility of children. They are one of two couples being considered as adoptive parents for a young mother's twins.

Joe and Walter also attended the Thanksgiving Izzie hosted at Meredith's house, and went on a camping trip with Drs. Shepherd, Burke, Webber, Karev and O'Malley.

Career Edit

He owns and runs Emerald City Bar, which is across the street from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He has an official blog, [1]
  • He was first credited as Jeremy, not Joe.
  • He is 33 years old.
  • His favorite drink is the Irish Car Bomb, his least favorite drink is Low Carb Beer.
  • His favorite food is Spicy Buffalo Wings.
  • One of his favorite films is Carrie.
  • In the first season, you can clearly see 'Joe' in the operating room during a procedure as Steven W. Bailey at first portrayed an anesthesiologist.
  • In 2003, his hair was much longer, almost as long as Meredith's hair.



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