Jodi Penderglass is the wife of Greg Penderglass, a patient who came to the hospital suffering from the rare condition called fetus in fetu.


Greg’s Fetus in FetuEdit

Jodi’s husband, Greg, came into the ER of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital newly insured with abdominal pain that Jodi said he’d had off and on for at least the ten years they’d been married. A mass was revealed, which Jodi initially worried was cancer. A CT showed that the mass was a fetus in fetu, a twin that Greg enveloped in the womb.

That fetus was determined to be the cause of Greg’s pain, so they scheduled surgery to remove it. However, Greg refused consent for the surgery, saying it was rare and special, so he wanted to keep it, an idea that horrified Jodi. Richard convinced him to let them remove it, but offered to let him keep it afterward.

Upon seeing the removed fetus in the tub, Greg screamed and begged them to take it away.



Greg PenderglassEdit

She has been married to Greg Penderglass for ten years.


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