Jeannie Reed is the daughter of Marjorie Reed.


Jeannie's mother, Marjorie, had small-cell lung cancer with mets on her liver. Her condition was terminal. She coded one morning, but was able to be revived. However, she was in extreme pain. When Jeannie stepped out of the room, Marjorie talked to Dr. Pierce and asked to be allowed to die. When she was offered the chance to sign DNR papers, she said Jeannie would never allow it and her daughter had her power of attorney.

When she coded again later that day while Jeannie was out getting dinner, Maggie did a slow code and allowed her to die.



Her father was dead. Her mother had terminal lung cancer. Unbeknownst to her, her mother wanted to die despite Jeannie's desire to keep her alive. While Jeannie was out getting dinner, her mother coded and died. When she heard of her mother's death, she was devastated.

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