An intern is a term used for a doctor in training who has completed medical school. An intern has a medical degree, but does not have a full license to practice medicine unsupervised and so are taught by their residents and attendings.

Interns in a medical residency are also known as medical interns, while interns in a surgical residency are known as surgical interns.

Surgical Interns and Their ResidentsEdit


Bailey's interns.

Miranda Bailey's InternsEdit

Meredith Grey's InternsEdit

Cristina Yang's InternsEdit


The interns of Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev as they are chosen to be given to George

Izzie Stevens' InternsEdit

Alex Karev's InternsEdit

George O'Malley's InternsEdit

Richard Webber's InternsEdit

  • George O'Malley: To win his wife back, Richard Webber tried to show he was delegating and tricked George into becoming the unofficial "Chief's intern". After George realized the truth, he quit but Richard apologized and George continued to be the unofficial chief's intern until he passed his examination.

Season 9 InternsEdit

Stephanie Edwards' InternsEdit

Season 12 InternsEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to Bailey, ER interns don't know the ass from the esophagus.
  • Bailey has described her former interns as such: Alex was lazy, Izzie was whiny, Meredith was downright depressing, and Cristina was annoying. In the first episode, Bailey said, "George O'Malley is a puppy." Later, she said George was her favorite.
  • Curiously, the season 9 interns were always on the services of attending surgeons. In earlier seasons, interns were always seen assisting their residents rather than being on an attending's service.
  • Throughout the course of the series, all of Bailey's interns have been on the operating table at least once.
  • According to Callie, psych interns aren't the sharpest.
  • It's unknown how it gets decided which resident interns get assigned to. Over the course of the series, residents from different years have been assigned interns.
    • In the first season, the five interns get assigned to Bailey, a fourth year resident at the time.
    • In season four, the new interns get assigned to second year residents.
    • In season seven, Alex mentions having interns.
    • In season eight, Lexie is assigned interns in her fourth year.
    • In season eleven, Stephanie first is assigned interns while in her fifth year, whereas Jo hadn't ever been assigned interns.
  • While a medical intern is also a first-year internal medicine resident, Grey's Anatomy utilizes the term surgical intern for first-year surgical residents.
  • In order to practice unsupervised medicine as a resident, an intern must pass the final part of United States Medical Licensing Exam, otherwise known as the Intern Test.

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