(Addison is in the scrub room at Seattle Grace Hospital. Richard enters)

Richard: Why is there a letter of resignation on my desk?

Addison: I told you, I got a job offer.

Richard: I don't want to hear this again. Working at a private medical coop, moving to LA, this is not my Addison. My Addison is a world-class neonatal surgeon. My Addison lives to cut.

Addison: Your Addison would have been promoted to chief of surgery so stop Addison-ing me. I want a change, I need a change and this is how I'm going to do it. In LA at that practice with those people.

Richard: You don't know anything about those people.

Addison: I know plenty. My best friend, Naomi, from med school is a fertility specialist there and she's an amazing woman.

(Naomi is sitting on the bathroom floor crying and eating cake. There is a knock on the door)

Naomi: Mother just needs a moment to herself.

Addison: Her ex-husband, Sam, is an internist. You wish you had his people skills.

(Sam is just waking up and rubbing his eyes)

Sam: We can't keep doing this. I love you, I do. Were in this together but we got to make a change.

(There is a dog chewing up the pillows.)

Addison: Violet, she's a psychiatrist, and she's incredible. Grounded, strong.

(Violet makes a phone call, a man answers the phone)

Man: Hello? Hello? Violet, you have to stop calling here. I'm married now.

Addison: Cooper, a pediatrician, one of the best in his field. A pro.

(Cooper is handcuffed to a bed frame)

Cooper: Lisa...oh, Lily, right? Your name's Lily. Sorry, I forgot. I'm getting a little uncomfortable...(The other person leaves the room slamming the door) Lori.

(Pete and Addison are kissing in the stairwell)

Addison: And Pete, he does alternative medicine. As a surgeon I don't believe in that kind of thing but the man is a healer.

(Addison is still talking with Richard)

Addison: So, I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.

Richard: You think you're going to go there and do what? Wear jeans, walk on the beach, dance in your underwear?

Addison: Maybe I'll dance naked.

Richard: You belong in the OR. You'll be back in less than a month begging for your job.

Addison: No, I won't. I am changing my life. Now I can walk away angry or I can walk away with your blessing. Either way Richard, I'm going.

Richard: I'll keep your job open as long as I can. Come here.

(They hug)

(Addison gets out of the shower in her new LA home. She starts dancing in her towel. She drops her towel and suddenly sees Sam)

Addison: Sam?

Sam: Addison?

(In her robe, Addison is out front talking with Sam)

Sam: How did you end up getting a house next door to me?

Addison: Naomi said you had the best realtor.

Sam: Naomi said? Addison, what are you doing here?

Addison: It's not like I look bad naked. A lot of men have enjoyed seeing me naked, a lot. I mean, eight. Well...eleven.

Sam: No, here, in Los Angeles. Here.

Addison: I...didn't Naomi tell you?

Sam: Tell me what?

(Addison enters Oceanside Wellness Group)

Dell: (On the phone) Oceanside Wellness Group

Addison: Hi, Dell right? Where's Naomi?

Dell: (On phone) Right...

Addison: I need to know where Naomi is...

Naomi: Mr. Wilson, you guys can come on back now, ok?

(Addison walks over to Naomi)

Naomi: Hey, hi. You moved in, everything good?

Addison: Why didn't...

(Sam enters)

Sam: Naomi! I need to talk to you.

(Mr. Wilson and Leslie walk over)

Mr. Wilson: So, uh, hey Dr. Bennett.

Sam: Hi.

Mr. Wilson: Putting my boys in a cup, gonna get Leslie pregnant.

Leslie: I'm ovulating, finally.

Sam: Congratulations, that's great.

Mr. Wilson: Never done it into a cup before.

Sam: Yeah.

Naomi: Yeah.

Sam: That can be kind of...Naomi.

Naomi: Yeah. Dell, can you take Ken and Leslie back to exam room number one. I'm gonna be right with you guys, ok. Thanks.

Dell: Yeah.

Naomi: Just in the conference room, please.

Sam: Fine.

Naomi: Don't worry.

(Violet enters)

Violet: Addison. Hi.

Addison: Hi.

Violet: Nice to see you. Hello.

Addison: Oh. So...what happened to the amicable divorce?

Violet: It's progressive decompensation of repressed rage secondary to feelings of abandonment.. It's shrink talk for Naomi finally getting pissed off that Sam left her.

Addison: Ooh.

Violet: What are they mad about now?

Addison: Naomi didn't tell Sam that she hired me.

Violet: To work here?

(Cooper walks out carrying a little boy)

Cooper: Oh, oh, oh, here he is, all good. Oh, time you want to hide your vegetables, feed them to the dog. But you can't shove 'em up your nose. Your nose if off-limits as a hiding place. Okay?

(He sees Sam and Naomi fighting)

Cooper: Ooh! Mommy and daddy are fighting again. Addison. Cooper.

Addison: Cooper.

Cooper: Remember me?

Addison: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Cooper: Handsome with a...

Violet: Hi, Cooper.

(Pete walks up)

Pete: Hi.

Addison: Pete, hello.

Peter: You're back in town.

Violet: Yes. She works here. Naomi hired her.

Pete: You're working here?

Addison: Yeah.

Cooper: Welcome aboard. Oh.

Addison: So Naomi didn't tell any of you that I was coming?

(Pete and Sam are in an exam room talking)

Sam: It's a power play. Naomi's trying to show that she has the power.

Pete: Why did Addison take the job anyway? Wasn't she some big hotshot in Seattle?

(Violet enters)

Violet: Is it just me, or did Naomi just run over us with a steamroller?

Pete: Is she crazy?

Sam: Oh, well, Naomi's insane.

Pete: I mean Addison. Is she some kind of crazy person who gets kissed once and decides to change her whole life?

Cooper: You kissed Addison? Really?

Sam and Violet: Focus!

Violet: Look, I know she has the largest chunk of this practice, but we agreed to equal votes. We are supposed to vote. Sam, you gotta do something. Yeah.

Sam: What, me?

Pete: This divorce is killing us. You need to apologize. Just say you were wrong for walking out so we can get back to being a happy family.

Violet: Yeah.

Sam: I never...I...I didn't...I am not apologizing to her. She's the one. Naomi hires Addison and then moves her in right next door to me. I saw her naked this morning.

Cooper: You saw her naked?

Pete: Does she look good naked?

Sam and Violet: Focus!

(Naomi is in the hall with Leslie and Mr. Wilson)

Mr. Wilson: So I just have to get it in the cup?

Naomi: Yeah, just get it in the cup.

Mr. Wilson: I want a kid. I've always wanted a kid. But this is just...

Naomi: You know, a lot of our clients are nervous. But just remember, once you have the baby in your arms, how it got here won't matter.

Mr. Wilson: Eyes on the prize.

Naomi: Yeah, eyes on the prize.

Mr. Wilson: Okay.

(Naomi walks into another hall where Addison is)

Naomi: Oh, okay. 5-cent tour. Exam rooms-two is for peds, uh, three has the gynie exam table in it. You and I will share it.

Addison: You didn't tell them you hired me.

Naomi: Oh, they'll get over it. It's fine. Scrub sinks are over there. We contract with the lab downstairs.

Addison: Yeah, Nai, I don't think it's fine to them. To them, I am the interloper. I don't lope.

Naomi: I own 55% of the practice. I made a decision.

Addison: Yeah, they have to live with that decision. I have to live with...

Naomi: They will get over it. Okay, here's your birthing suite.

Addison: But I deliver babies in a hospital.

Naomi: You used to deliver babies in a hospital. Now unless it's a c-section, you deliver babies here. It's very popular with the patients.

Addison: Okay. Uh, so I guess I should meet my staff. I don't have a staff. Okay. Um, let me see if I...understand this. I left a hospital with a state-of-the-art OB-GYN Wing and a staff of 60...

Naomi: You'll have dell. He's studying to be a midwife.

Addison: The cute boy who answers the phone?

Naomi: Plus you'll have Pete. Laboring moms love Pete.

Addison: The alternative medicine guru? Do you know how many babies I deliver a day?

Naomi: Well, here you'll be lucky if you deliver one.

Addison: One patient the entire day?

Naomi: I told you, we do things differently here. This may be a big city, but this co-op is about practicing small-town medicine. Every patient is special, every patient gets our full attention. It's not about surgeries. It's about connecting. I...I told you this.

Addison: Yeah, I know. I know. I just...I didn't think it'd be one patient the entire day.

Naomi: You wanted change. This is it.

Addison: Yeah. This is it.

(Naomi and Addison walk into the hall. Pete, Cooper and Violet are waiting)

Violet: Hey, Naomi. Uh, we need to talk to you.

Addison: I'm just gonna go some...

Naomi: No, stay. She is staying.

Violet: You can't just do this. You can't bring in somebody without a vote.

Pete: Yeah, this is not...(they hear groaning) this is not a, uh...what is that?

Naomi: Just get...

Cooper: Somebody's getting happy.

Naomi: No, it's just Mr. Wilson giving a sperm deposit. Get away from the door.

Cooper: That's a loud deposit.

Pete: Go, Mr. Wilson.

Naomi: You guys are so immature.

Addison: This is, uh, definitely different.

Cooper: 'Cause his neighbors have got to be making noise complaints.

Naomi: Just go.

(Leslie runs out the door)

Leslie: Help! Please, come quick. I was just trying to help him get in the mood, and now he's not moving. What's wrong with him?

Sam: His pupil's blown. He's having a stroke.

(They enter the hospital)

Sam: All right, he's had three rounds of epi and a 200 lido bolus. Defib times 5 on scene.

Doctor: Get out of my way. Hold CPR. How long has he been down?

Sam: Uh, at least 20 minutes.

Doctor: I'm gonna call it.

Leslie: What? What about those? Don't you want the shocky things

Doctor: He's been down too long. No point in turning this into a show.

Leslie: No! No! Use the shocky things.

Sam: I'm sorry. He's gone.

Doctor: Time of death...9:42 A.M.

Leslie: No. We...we were gonna have a baby. He was...he was gonna be a dad. I...I...I want...I want...I want his sperm.

Sam: Uh, he didn't get a chance to make his...his donation before he died.

Leslie: But you can take it from him now.

Sam: What?

Leslie: I want his sperm. I want Ken's sperm now!

(Cooper and Violet are in the lunch room)

Violet: I get Naomi's mad...hell hath no fury and all that. And I know the practice needs an OB-GYN, But since when do we not vote?

Cooper: I had sex with this woman last night.

Violet: The reason we started this practice is so we could be in charge of our own destiny.

Cooper: Very real, you know, internet sex. But she wanted me to call her mama, but she promised all this really freaky stuff, and I'm talkin', like, stuff.

Violet: Okay. Eww. That's it. I'm done.

Cooper: No. What? Why?

Violet: Because you're a sex addict or an internet addict or some kind of freaky addict.

Cooper: Yeah, and you're a stalker. You're stalking your married ex-boyfriend.

Violet: I am not. I'M...calling him occasionally.

Cooper: Stalker.

Violet: Okay, you know what? That's it. I...I'm cutting you off, for your own good. You ain't gettin' no help from me.

Cooper: Oh, come on, stalker.

Violet: I'm not a stalker!

(Addison enters)

Addison: Hey. I, uh...just wanted to say that I am really sorry about Naomi and the job.

Violet: I...I got a 911 page.

Cooper: Do you think there's something wrong with, uh, having sex with a woman who wants you to call her...mama?

(Dell enters)

Dell: Uh... there's a patient for you.

Cooper: Thank god.

Dell: No, not him. You.

(They go into the waiting room)

Dell: Uh, this is Bill Henderson and his daughter Lucy. This is Dr. Montgomery. She'll be delivering your baby.

Addison: Hi.

Lucy: Ow!

(Lucy starts having a contraction)

Bill: Yeah, it hurts. It hurts, doesn't it? That's what you get for getting pregnant. She hid it from me for months, and then all of a sudden it's, "Daddy, I'm in labor."

Addison: How about we get you into the birthing suite? Dell, see if we have a chart on Lucy.

Dell: Hey, can I get in on this? I haven't gotten a lot of field experience for my midwife training. I...I need the hours.

Addison: How about you just find the chart?

(Sam, Leslie and the ER doctor are talking)

Sam: Ken's want us to take ken's sperm right out of... are you sure?

Leslie: I mean, you can do it, right?

Doctor: Look here. You're distressed. I understand. But unless you have written consent from the deceased, no way am I gonna let you molest your husband's corpse.

Sam: Well...okay, well, let's not use words like, uh,"molest" or "corpse" about her loved one. And it's her boyfriend, not her husband.

Doctor: Oh. Well, fine. She wants sperm of a man she has no legal rights to. That makes it all better. No.

Sam: Okay. Hey, let's...can we stop... uh, Charlotte, right?

Charlotte: You know my name, Sam. Don't act like you don't. I'm chief of staff here, and you know it.

Sam: You and I, we...we can work on this together. We can figure this out because I'm a good person, you're a good person. We...I mean we can-right? We can... together

Charlotte: I did read your book, by the way.

Sam: Oh, great.

Charlotte: I took issue with most of it.

Sam: See, now I'm on her side. We want Ken's sperm, or you got a fight on your hands.

Charlotte: That dead man's swimmers are staying exactly where they are. You got a way to fight me on that, I'd like to see you try.

Sam: Oh. I'm calling Naomi on you.

(Addison is in the hall with Cooper)

Cooper: Lucy Henderson. Uh, she was my patient till she got pregnant.

Addison: No previous medical problems. It looks good. Mm-hmm. Well, the dad is mad as hell. I could use your help in there.

Cooper: Oh, uh, yeah. No. That...down there is not my area. So when the baby comes out, I'd be happy to examine it. Until then, godspeed.

(Pete overhears)

Pete: Give me two secs to grab my kit. I'll join you...

Addison: For?

Pete: If you'd read further in her chart, you'd see she has a holistic birth plan.

Addison: Oh, my god. Are you kidding me?

Pete: Laboring moms love Pete. Hey, listen, moving here, that didn't have anything to do with me kissing you, did it?

Addison: What?

Pete: It's okay. It's just that... well, you should know it was just a kiss.

Addison: Wait a minute. You think that I moved here because you kissed me?

Pete: It was a good kiss. It was an excellent kiss.

Addison: But-stop talking. All right. I did not move here because you kissed me.

Pete: Okay.

Addison: You are actually deranged enough to think that I would pick up my entire life and move because of a kiss? Let me clear that up for you. I wouldn't.

Pete: Okay.

Addison: Shut up. Just...just go in there and do your little eastern voodoo thing you do, and let's help that girl have her baby in peace.

(Naomi walks up to Sam)

Naomi: What do you expect me to do?

Sam: He was your patient. My patient's dead. This is about your patient who wants a dead man's sperm. Besides, I got mad.

Naomi: You got mad?

Sam: I got mad.

Naomi: You got mad?

Sam: Apparently neither one of us can make good decisions when we're mad.

Naomi: Another doctor in the practice who can bill is a very good decision.

Sam: We agreed that when we split, we would not let it affect the work.

Naomi: My work is fine. In fact, watch me take care of my patient.

(Charlotte walks up)

Charlotte: Where do you think you're going?

Naomi: If the hospital's not gonna touch the body, then I will.

Charlotte: You lay a hand on that man, and I will have you arrested. I'm not a person who plays games, Naomi. You know that. Now please step back.

Naomi: Okay, now I'm mad.

Sam: I told you.

(Dell enters the room where Addison is)

Dell: You know, I...I...I could help. You know, with Lucy.

Addison: I'm good.

Dell: You don't take me seriously.

Addison: What?

Dell: You think I'm dumb surfer boy. You think I'm eye candy. You have no respect for me or my midwifery skills.

Addison: I respect for you and your...midwifery skills? that even a word, midwifery?

Dell: It's a word. It's definitely a word.

(Violet enters a department store where a woman is on the floor counting tiles)

Violet: Jenny?

Paul: She's been counting the tiles for over an hour. You know this lady?

Violet: Yes, I do. What the hell happened to her?

Paul: She had your card in her wallet.

Violet: Well, thank you. Thank you for calling me.

Paul: My sister, she's got mental problems. She's a good person, but she's got mental problems. That's why I called you before I called the cops.

Violet: Oh, you...we don't need the police. I can handle this.

Paul: Can you do it quick? I mean, she can't stay on the floor like that. She's obstructing customer flow and if she's dang...

Violet: Look, if you give me some time, I will take her out of your hair. Can you do that for me, uh, Paul? Can you do that?

Paul: I guess.

Violet: Thank you.

(Violet gets down on the floor)

Violet: You're getting charged by the hour, so you might as well hear me.

(Birthing suite)

Pete: Inhale. Exhale.

Lucy: Ooh.

Pete: Focus on me. Exhale. Deep breaths. In. Out. Good. Good. Much better.

Lucy: My dad, he...he's just mad. I...I want this baby. I...I just...I screwed up. I'm such a screw-up.

Addison: Hey, Lucy...listen... everyone screws up once in a while. And in this room, you get a free pass. Okay?

Lucy: Okay. 535

(Naomi and Sam are still at the hospital)

Naomi: These are Ken and Leslie's medical records, including Ken's signature on a contract with my office regarding his donation. Now I think that is more than implied.

Charlotte: Live consent is're considering this?

Chief: It could be persuasive in court. Your patient will sign something indemnifying us against legal action?

Naomi: She just wants her baby.

Charlotte: Fine. You do the procedure. You take possession of the sperm.

Naomi: Thank you for your help.

(Naomi and Sam walks away)

Sam: Well done. Very badass.

Naomi: I know. Right? Get away from me.

(They enter the room where Leslie is)

Naomi: It's good.

(A woman walks up)

Mrs. Wilson: Are you Dr. Naomi Bennett?

Naomi: I am.

Mrs. Wilson: You better get that little tramp's claws off my husband's sperm, or I will sue you and this place so fast, your head will spin.

Naomi: Who are you?

Mrs. Wilson: I'm Ken Wilson's wife.

(Violet is with Jenny)

Violet: Jenny, did something happen to make you feel out of control here in the store? Okay, well, we've been working on rage directed toward your husband for leaving you. Are...are you angry? That's okay. Feel the feelings. Get angry. Let...let's talk about getting angry.

Paul: She's not answering.

Violet: Yeah, I got that, Paul.

Paul: Now what's the deal? She, uh, gets upset, so she goes crazy with the counting?

Violet: Well, for many people counting establishes...a sense of order. Oh, my god. When did my knees turn 80?

Paul: We got knee pads on aisle eight.

Violet: No. Hey, Jenny...can you look up at me? Can you...can you look into my eyes? Come on, Jenny. I know you can do this.

(Jenny knocks Violet over)

Jenny: Aah!

Paul: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You okay?

Violet: Yes, I'm fine.

Paul: You sure?

Violet: Yes.

(Birthing Suite)

Dell: Just checking to see if you need anything, any help.

Addison: We're all good. Okay, Lucy, you ready to push?

Lucy: Please.

Addison: Uh, Mr. Henderson, your daughter's gonna start pushing now. Would you like to come and sit by her side?

Bill: For what?

Dell: You know, why don't you just squeeze my hand, okay, if you need to?

Lucy: Okay.

Addison: Lucy, you ready?

Lucy: Yeah.

Addison: Okay, go ahead and push. Good. Push. Good. Good. Push. That's good. Push.

Pete: Stop. Stop. She's short of breath with JVD.

Addison: I thought eastern medicine was your thing.

Pete: I have a lot of things. Now she's short of breath with JVD. Do you want to double-check or you gonna trust me?

Addison: The baby's in distress. Okay, Lucy, don't push for right now, all right? Just give me a minute, okay?

Dell: Dr. Montgomery, something's wrong with her.

Addison: Lucy? Lucy. Lucy, wake up. Lucy? Okay, get her on high-flow oxygen. Get an ambulance, Dell.

Dell: I was just holding her hand.

Addison: She's going into congestive heart failure, Dell.

Addison: Ambulance, now!

Bill: Lucy, honey? Her mom childbirth. She...she died having Lucy.

Addison: I'm applying pressure, but the cord is compressed...

Bill: She's gonna be okay, right?

Addison: And Lucy's blood is flooding her lungs, and the umbilical cord is cutting off the baby's blood supply.

Dell: I just called the ambulance.

Addison: How long does it take for an ambulance to get here?

Dell: 10 to 20 minutes in traffic.

Pete: Addison, we don't have 10 to 20 minutes.

Addison: I know.

Pete: We're gonna lose her and the baby.

Addison: I know.

(Violet is walking through the store)

Paul: I thought you might be hungry. You'll have to pay for it. That and the ice pack...and the flip-flops, uh, but...

Violet: Thanks.

Paul: You okay?

Violet: Yeah. It's just...look, I know her. She's been coming to see me for months. And she's gentle. (Violet sees police nearby) Paul!

Paul: Look, I'm sorry, but I don't think... I don't think you know exactly how to handle this.

Violet: I do know how to handle this. There has gotta be something here that I'm not seeing, something she's not telling me.

Paul: No offense, but if she's not telling her shrink things, then you must not be very good at your job.

Violet: You know what? Patients hold things in, Paul. They hold things in for years.

(Cooper enters)

Cooper: What's going on with the ice pack?

Violet: Just not touch her.

Paul: I'm sorry, Violet. We have to...Paul, think of your sister. Please. You know, I'm... I'm working here, Cooper.

Cooper: Really? It looks like you're shopping. It's a joke. Look, Dell told me you were here. I just thought I'd come by, see if you needed any help.

Violet: No, I don't need any help, okay? And you know what? got in your car, you drove all the way down here to see if I was still mad at you? Who is the stalker now? Let...let's just all settle down.

Paul: I'm sorry. I gotta let 'em take her. If she gets violent with you again...

Cooper: Violent? She got violent with you? Come...just...your pupils...

Violet: Not now, Cooper. Look, this is a psychiatric emergency. I can handle this. I can stabilize her. Just give me a minute and give me backup if I need it. I just feel...I...if...if I knew how it started or where she was when it happened...

Paul: do you figure out how it started?

Violet: have security cameras, don't you?

(Naomi is walking through the hall with Mrs. Wilson)

Mrs. Wilson: He told me he wanted to find himself turns out he wanted to find me, only 15 years younger and half as smart. Any idea what that's like?

Naomi: I think I can imagine.

Mrs. Wilson: Like I don't feel my age, I don't feel scared? Only I feel it alone while he's yanking in a cup for some chick he met hiking in Sedona.

Naomi: Maria, I...I know this is unfair. I understand, believe me.

Mrs. Wilson: You know, I was with him 17 years.

Naomi: Maria, Ken really wanted Leslie to have his baby.

Mrs. Wilson: And Leslie wants Leslie to have Ken's money.

Naomi: I don't think that she would do that.

Mrs. Wilson: I didn't think my husband would dump me. So there you go.

Naomi: Uh, if...if you want protection...I think that Leslie would agree to whatever you ask.

Mrs. Wilson: I don't want protection. I want Ken's sperm.

Naomi: What?

Mrs. Wilson: For myself. Now we'll see who ends up alone, right?

(Birthing suite)

Addison: Where the hell is the ambulance?

Pete: Addison, you have to make a choice.

Bill: What do you mean, make a choice?

Addison: If I wait any longer for the ambulance, I could lose them both. Or I could get the baby out and maybe save them.

Bill: Save them, of course.

Addison: Maybe. Maybe save them. Dell, glove up. I need you to decompress the cord. Come here.

Dell: Okay, like this?

Addison: Yes, that's good. Steady pressure. Okay, okay. I need to be in a hospital. There's no way I can perform a c-section here. It's not sterile. I don't have any surgical equipment...

Pete: Addison...

Addison: No extra blood, and an epidural would take way too long to take effect.

Pete: Addison, she's a completely healthy 17 yr old. No one could have foreseen this complication.

Addison: Do you know what happens to a person when a scalpel slices into them without anesthesia?

Pete: Addison, I...

Addison: Shut up! I am trying to talk myself into this, and I cannot do it when you keep Addison-ing me. So just...hold on. Okay. Pete, take over for Dell. Dell, go find a surgical tray from somewhere. She's gonna feel every slice, but we have to try.

Pete: Addison...

Addison: I am going to scrub in and find sterile drapes. We have a local anesthetic, right? That will help with the pain.

Pete: Addison.

Addison: Stop Addison-ing me.

Pete: I can treat her so she won't feel any pain.

(Paul, Cooper and Violet are looking for what could have set Jenny off)

Paul: The cameras show her on this aisle. She stopped. Next thing, she's looking at the floor. Cooper: Maybe some kind of camping accident? Something traumatic?

Paul: Yr maybe...maybe, you know, this guy, uh, he works here, he...he told me that marshmallow gets so hot it sticks like napalm. That's not that bad, I guess.

Cooper: Not bad enough for tile counting.

Violet: They had a house at the lake.

(Birthing suite)

Pete: I've stimulated the needles. Lidocaine's in. Her pain receptors are blocked. She's ready.

Addison: Are you sure she's not gonna feel anything?

Pete: I'm sure.

Addison: Because if she wakes up screaming in pain...

Pete: I'm sure. I'm very good at what I do.

Addison: Are you really, really, really sure?

Pete: Trust me.

Addison: Okay. Here we go. I'm gonna cut on three. One...Two...Three.

(Addison cuts)

Addison: Okay, okay. Yay. Okay.

Pete: Did I or did I not say trust me?

Addison: You did. And I do... now.

Bill: That was good. It was good?

Addison: There's no time to celebrate. We have to move fast. Both mom and baby are still in danger.

(Sam and Naomi are walking in the hall)

Sam: She can't just swoop in and take it. She was divorcing Ken's sperm.

Naomi: She was with ken for 17 years, for god sake.

Sam: I thought we were on Leslie's side.

Naomi: You would.

Sam: She is your patient.

Naomi: You know, a marriage should count for something. And it doesn't. He just moved on.

Sam: Oh, come on. Could we please not make this about us right now?

Naomi: I'm talking about Ken. He bailed, she got nothing.

Sam: He died. All things considered, I'd rather be her. Oh, you want to be the one that people feel sorry for, the one who got left?

Sam: I didn't...don't you think for one moment that I have been taking any of this lightly.

Naomi: Oh, no. You walked out.

Sam: I did not walk out. I said I was unhappy, that I was questioning. And instead of trying, instead of working on it, you just shut the door.

Naomi: You weren't in love anymore. Now how are we supposed to work on that?

Sam: I never said that.

Naomi: You know what? I am not an idiot. I knew. I knew exactly what you were saying.

Sam: So then you fight. You have some passion about the thing. I wanted to see you fight...just once-for us. Naomi, I'm sorry...profoundly...for hurting you. But you're fooling yourself if you think you're the only one who got left.

(Violet is still watching the ad)

Cooper: What are we looking for?

Violet: Stop talking so I can think. Something in the ad...that's what triggered her.

(Violet is back with Jenny)

Violet: Did you have a boy? Jenny, did you have a son that we haven't talked about? Did something happen to him? Jenny...did he...did...did you lose your son? 850 Did he pass away? Jenny: You're gonna make me lose my place!

Paul: He died.

Jenny: One. Two. Three. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three...

(Naomi and Mrs. Wilson are talking)

Naomi: If you really want Ken's sperm, you can fight it out. You probably have more rights than Leslie. But with all the legal wrangling, most likely 24 hours will pass, Ken won't be viable... nobody gets anything.

Mrs. Wilson: Okay. Let's do that.

Naomi: You honestly never thought about it in all those years, leaving him?

Mrs. Wilson: Nothing's perfect. But I made my peace.

Naomi: Yeah, I did, too. At least I thought I did.

Mrs. Wilson: I yelled at him so much...last time I saw him. God.

Naomi: Maria... at some point, you have to let him go.

(Birthing suite)

Addison: Oh, okay. Oh, it's a girl. Come on, baby. You want to come hold your granddaughter?

Bill: Oh, yeah.

Addison: Welcome, little girl.

Bill: Aww. She looks just like Lucy.

Pete: Addison.

Addison: She's in v-tach.

Pete: I'm on it.

Addison: I've gotta close. If she has any chance, I have to close.

Pete: Charging to 200. Clear. Again.

(Dell enters)

Dell: The paramedics are here. They're bringing in a stretcher.

Pete and Addison: No!

Pete: Clear.

Addison: We've got an open body cavity in a barely sterile environment. Do not let them cross the threshold until I say so. Understand?

Dell: Got it.

Addison: How are you doin' there, Pete?

Pete: I'm kickin' ass and takin' names. You?

Addison: Ass kicking and name taking are on my resume?

Pete: Charging to 360. Clear.

(They are wheeling Lucy out)

Addison: Start her on a lidocaine drip, 2 migs per minute. at 10 liters.

(Lucy wakes up)

Addison: Hey there.

Lucy: Did I have my baby?

Addison: Yes, you did.

Lucy: Is my he mad?

Addison: No, your dad is not mad at you.

Bill: Thank you...for...thank you.

(The paramedics leave with Lucy)

Dell: Oh, well, that was...pretty cool.

Addison: Oh. Dell. Good work in there.

(Dell walks off)

Addison: I didn't come down here because you kissed me.

Pete: Okay.

Addison: I didn't.

Pete: Okay.

Addison: I need you to say it.

Pete: You did not move down here because I kissed you. (They walk opposite directions) You so moved down here because I kissed you.

Addison: I heard that.

(Naomi is in the hall with Charlotte and Sam)

Naomi: Uh, Maria's gonna let Leslie have it. We can do the extraction on Ken.

Charlotte: What'd you say?

Naomi: Just that it was let him go.

Sam: Good. That's, uh, that's good.

Naomi: Okay.

Sam: Oh, and my book...was brilliant.

(Violet, Paul and Cooper are near Jenny)

Cooper: His name was will.

Violet: Hey, Paul, do you think you could clear out this area, just for a little while...for jenny? Paul: Yeah. I could do that for Jenny.

Violet: Hey, Jenny. This is...this is Dr. Freedman. He's a...he's a pediatrician. And he's my friend.

Cooper: Hi. I have Will's file here. Um, it says he was suffering from double vision when you brought him in. He was 10. Diagnosed with a brain em glioma.

Violet: Is that something they could've caught earlier?

Cooper: No, they got it early. But because of the location of the tumor in the brain, it was inoperable. So Will started chemo and radiation, and the tumor responded at first. But then...Will developed kidney failure.

Violet: Well, that happens with chemo a lot.

Cooper: At that point, you and your husband decided to stop treatment.

Violet: Is that right, Jenny? Making that choice...a lot of people aren't strong enough to do that.

Cooper: These tumors don't quit. Treatment makes kids so sick they can't do anything. And then you didn't come back to the hospital for a few months.

Violet: Did you go the lake?

Jenny: We all went together.

Cooper: That's what I would've done, exactly. When you came back to the hospital, Will was having trouble speaking...but his spirits were high. His spirits were good.

Violet: Sounds like he was a great kid.

Cooper: Yes, it does. And then, he went into a coma...they made him comfortable, made sure everyone had a chance to say good-bye. And on the 16th at 5:13 AM, they took him off the machines. says you held him and...he breathed on his own for over four hours.

Violet: That was hard... holding him like that...for all that time.

Violet: Will...he had the most aggressive kind of brain cancer that a kid can have. You didn't make it happen. And there's no cure, only the choice in how you're gonna ride it out. You did everything a great mom could do. So... no matter how you second-guess yourself or what your head tells you, you didn't let your son down. You did not let your son down.

Jenny: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. My baby. (Jenny finally breaks down)

(Leslie kisses Ken good-bye)

Leslie: Bye, honey. Thank you.

(Paul is talking with Violet)

Paul: She's...she's all right, huh?

Cooper: Yeah, she's gonna be all right.

Violet: My assistant.

Paul: Yeah...I was. Don't forget to...

Violet: Yeah, I'll-I'll pay for the stuff, Paul. Thanks...for coming down.

Cooper: I'm a better person than you are.

Violet: The thing is, Cooper... okay, the thing is that...I am kind of a stalker.

Cooper: I know.

(Addison and Naomi are eating cheesecake)

Addison: Why didn't you tell them I was coming? Truth.

Naomi: All right, fine. I need you here. Okay? I need you here... because I'm... tired and I'm lonely, and my best friend divorced me, and I have no one. I need you here to be my someone.

Addison: Okay.

(Cooper, Sam, Violet and Pete enter)

Cooper: Uh, we want to see you in the conference room...if that's okay...I mean now.

(In the conference room)

Cooper: We're a team.

Violet: We're partners, Naomi.

Sam: You can't just bring somebody in.

Pete: Without asking us.

Violet: Yeah.

Sam: We're a democracy. We vote.

Pete: We vote.

Violet: We vote or it doesn't happen.

Naomi: You're right. We should've voted. I was wrong.

Violet: Good. Okay, let's vote.

Addison: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a minute. Uh, I have been working here less than 24 hours, and in that time I discovered that I not welcome here, I learned I am a one-man gynie show, and I performed crazy McGyver surgery, and...Sam saw my booty. So...this has not been a great day for me. This day kind of sucked. But you know what I had one patient the entire day...and I loved it. So you want me gone? Too bad. I'm in. I'm putting my foot down. My foot's down. It's down. I'm not going anywhere. So...yeah. I thought I...I thought I had a big finish but...I don't. So...I'm done. No, no. I do have a big finish. If I hadn't been here today, if you'd had someone else, that girl would've died delivering her baby. I saved her life. I saved your asses. I'm a world-class neonatal surgeon. And I'm here to stay. Welcome to the new Oceanside Wellness.

(Addison leaves)

Naomi: That's why I didn't tell you she was coming.

(Addison is home in her bathrobe. She closes her blinds and then begins dancing naked. Sam smiles)

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