(LA scenes)

(Addison enters her house to find Pete, Cooper, and Violet in her house)

Addison: What are you people doing in my house?

Cooper: I told you. It's a surprise.

Pete: It's a surprise for Sam.

Addison: You know about this?

Pete: Sadly, I do.

Addison: If it's a surprise for Sam, then why aren't you at Sam's house? Put that down.

Cooper: 'Cause that would totally ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?

Addison: Wait, what are you doing?

Pete: Cooper thinks Sam's in a rut.

Addison: What...well, I am not in a rut, okay? And, in fact, I have plans.

Pete: You have plans? With who?

Addison: With Naomi.

Cooper: You invited Naomi here? Hey... no, see, actually, no, that's no good.

Addison: Well, it's good for me. It's good for Naomi. Naomi's my friend. You people, I barely know.

Cooper: The thing is, Naomi kind of steps on the surprise.

Violet: What kind of surprise is this?

Pete: One named Ginger.

Addison: What?

Violet: What? I'm outta here.

Pete: Oh, she's about to ring the doorbell.

Violet: Five minutes.

(Sam is in his house talking to the dog)

Sam: Ah, okay. Now we're getting somewhere. They can't stop us, buddy. Right?

(His doorbell rings)

Ginger: Sam?

(A scarcely dressed woman opens the door)

Violet: Cooper, how do you even know how to find a stripper?

Cooper: Ginger is not a stripper. She's an entertainer.

Violet: What does that even mean?

Cooper: I'm still trying to figure it out.

Violet: Sam is not like you, Cooper. He's not interested in...

Cooper: I think Sam is.

Pete: Sam and a stripper, who knew?

(The light turns on)

Pete: Hey, it's just getting good. Could you...

Naomi: A stripper?

(Sam's apartment)

Ginger: Oh, you like that?

Sam: You have something.

Ginger: Thanks. You're sweet, too.

Sam: No, you got something right here.

Ginger: Huh?

Sam: Let me just get a closer look. Uh, yeah.

(Sam enters Oceanside Wellness Group)

Sam: Hey, man. What were you thinking?

Pete: It's a long, sad story.

Cooper: Hey, did she do the thing where she, um... (Naomi enters) could be pneumonia, and I'm gonna set them up with an x-ray.

Violet: You're not fooling anybody, Cooper.

Naomi: Who's up first?

Sam: Uh, Dave Walker called this morning, uh, complaining of headache and nausea.

Cooper: I heard his wife left him.

Sam: Yeah, and he's drinking again. Got his son and his mother living with him. So I'm gonna go check him out.

Addison: You do house calls, too?

Pete: We. We all do house calls. What?

Addison: Nothing.

Cooper: I got the O'Briens bringing their baby in again. 9-month-old girl, she's been sick since birth.

Violet: O'Brien... is that the dad who's...

Cooper: Yeah, he's totally disconnected from this baby. It drives me crazy. I tried to get him in to see you. No go.

Addison: Well, let me know if I can be of any help on the case.

Pete: You want to help me? What?

Naomi: Anything else?

Sam: Uh, yeah, I have two cases next week...

Naomi: Nobody? Super.

Cooper: Hey, Pete, do you think that, uh, acupuncture could help with a patient that's, uh, presenting with... just... could you tell me, did she do the triple-jointed thing?

Violet: All right, and I'll be leaving.

Addison: Does it even occur to you to think of Naomi's feelings?

Sam: So wait, do they know? Does Naomi know?

Cooper: Back to the triple-jointed thing. It... it... it looks like it hurts, but in the most awesomest way. This... this... look, did she do this?

(Addison is in the waiting room)

Addison: Amber Johnson.

Pete: Hey. Are you mad at me?

Addison: Amber Johnson.

Pete: Because it kind of seemed like you were mad at me in the meeting.

Addison: I'm just looking out for Naomi.

Addison: Hi, Amber. See you next week, Thomas.

(Pete walks over to Violet)

Pete: Addison is mad at me because Cooper hired a stripper.

Violet: I'm ignoring the stripper. Today is a day for ignoring things. I am all business today. Who's my next patient?

Dell: This guy wants to talk to you.

Delivery Man: Sign, please.

Violet: Oh, no.

Cooper: That's a nice bike.

Dell: No? Okay.

(Cooper is in an exam room with Emily and her parents)

Cooper: Looks like Emily's gained some weight. That's good. She been sleeping?

Mrs. O'Brien: Better, don't you think?

Greg: No, I don't, actually.

Cooper: You know, we said it was gonna be a long haul when she was born with these symptoms. So...

Mrs. O'Brien: I just feel like, when is she gonna catch a break, you know?

Cooper: you go. Come here, Emily. Look at that guy. Who's that guy? You know, just to be safe, I am gonna run a couple more blood tests.

Mrs. O'Brien: Oh, she hates needles.

Cooper: If it was optional, I wouldn't do it, but it's not, so...okay?

(Sam enters his office to find Naomi seated behind his desk)

Sam: Did you know you have an office here? Here, it's... it's right next door.

Naomi: I am asking because I am curious, not because I care. What's her name?

Sam: Who's name?

Naomi: The girl. The girl, Sam.

Sam: Ginger.

Naomi: Her name is Ginger?

Sam: Hey, I did not name her. I didn't hold her up to the moon and do the whole Kunta Kinte thing. This isn't "Roots."

Naomi: Oh, you funny... you funny man.

Sam: Her name is Ginger.

Naomi: Did you sleep with Ginger?

Sam: And you're asking because you're curious?

Naomi: Yeah.

Sam: Yes.

Naomi: Samuel!

Sam: No, I didn't. I just wanted to see what "curiosity" looked like. It's an awful lot like jealousy.

Naomi: I am not jealous.

Sam: Oh, yes, you are.

(Sam is walking up to Dave's house)

Sam: If I want to see a stripper, I'm gonna see a stripper. Shoot. I'm grown. Trying to tell me... come on, Dave. I know you didn't go to work. Dave probably gets to see strippers. Probably got one in there right now. I know you didn't make me come out here for nothing, Dave. Come on. Dave! (He looks in the window and sees Dave on the floor) Dave! Dave, open the door. Ms. Walker, open up the door.

(She shakes her head no and he breaks the window to get in)

Sam: All right. How long has he been like this?

Stevie: I... I don't know. I just came downstairs and he was... I... I don't know.

Sam: All right. Ms. Walker, how longs he been like this?

Stevie: Grandma?

(Sam calls 911)

Sam: Yes, this is Dr. Sam Bennett. I need an ambulance immediately.

(They are outside entering the ambulance)

Sam: Dave, what happened in there?

Dave: Oh, I don't know. I...had breakfast, getting ready for work, next thing I know, I'm hugging the toilet.

Stevie: What's wrong with him?

Sam: Well, once we get to the hospital, we'll figure that out.

Stevie: But he's coming back?

Dave: Of course I am, Stevie.

Sam: Stevie, I don't want you to be here by yourself.

Stevie: I'm okay. My... my grandmother's here.

Sam: Yeah. Fellas, would you mind, uh, taking the boy and his grandmother with you? I'm worried about leaving her in charge. All right.

(Addison and Naomi are in an office)

Addison: Do you want to talk about Sam. Well, not Sam...

Naomi: I mean, clearly not... oh, come on. Will you say it? Say it.

Addison: It's not...

Naomi: Sam's stripper. Sam's stripper. Say it. So what? So? And Sam's single.

Naomi: I'm single, and... and single people move on.

Addison: Yeah.

(Violet enters with a bike)

Violet: I'm sorry. I've been looking at this in my office all day.

Addison: You bought a bike?

Violet: Yeah, it's custom built, it's from Italy, and Allan is never getting his hands on it, ever. I don't care if it costs $6,000.

Naomi: You bought Allan a $6,000 bike?

Violet: I... I ordered it last year. It just arrived today...on his birthday.

Naomi: Brutal. Why don't you sell it?

Violet: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I will.

Naomi: Or give it away. Just...

Violet: Great. Exactly. I'm gonna give it away.

Naomi: Hey. Hey. You will not give Allan that bike.

Violet: I won't?

Naomi: Will you be strong?

Violet: Yeah. Strong.

(Dell is at the desk talking with Naomi)

Dell: I... I told my teacher there's probably no way you could do it, but...

Addison: Do what?

Dell: Speak at my midwifery class. I told my teacher about Naomi, and... and she called you "a primal life giver.

Naomi: I... I think I have something that night, so

Addison: Come on. Do it. Might give you a boost.

Naomi: I don't... I don't need boosting. I'm fine.

Addison: I'll do it. I love talking to midwifes.

Dell: Yeah, actually I think... I think we're... we're good on OBs but...

Addison: Oh, I'm actually a double board certified uh, neonatal surgeon. One of the best... in the world...with a specialty in genetics... DNA.

Dell: Uh, well, yeah, maybe, you know, if, um, if someone drops out.

Addison: You can't get more primal and life giving than DNA. Dell?

(Dell leaves and Cooper enters)

Cooper: Excuse me. Uh, do you still have time for that consult?

Addison: The little girl?

Cooper: Yeah. Um, please tell I'm reading that wrong.

(Addison is with the family)

Addison: Cooper asked for a second opinion, but the genetic tests we ran confirm that Emily has a serious presentation of something called pelizaeus-merzbacher disease.

Greg: How do we cure it?

Cooper: Well, there's medication to treat the symptoms, but there is no cure.

Mrs. O'Brien: So she's...not going to get better? Ever?

Addison: The drugs can give her five years, maybe more.

Mrs. O'Brien: What? Five year... five?

Addison: I'm sorry. I know this is difficult to hear.

Cooper: And we will do everything that we can.

Mrs. O'Brien: Wait, you said that this was genetic. So one of us made her sick? 2

Addison: No, you can't think of it like that.

Mrs. O'Brien: Because my sister, she's trying to get pregnant. I mean, could she have this, too?

Addison: We'll have to run some blood tests. We'll see which mutation you're carrying. It's important not only for your sister, but also for you, if and when you should decide you want other children.

Mrs. O'Brien: No. Emily... Emily is all we need.

(Sam enters the hospital)

Sam: Excuse me. I'm looking for a Dave Walker. He came in with vomiting and severe dehydration.

Nurse: He was released 15 minutes ago.

Sam: On whose orders?

(Sam is in the hall with Charlotte)

Sam: You don't release my patient without calling me.

Charlotte: Don't lecture me on medical etiquette. The vitals were normal, we needed the bays, and he wanted to leave. Probably just had some 24-hour bug.

Sam: Well, it didn't look like a bug. He was unconscious when I found him. He said it was something he ate, but he tested negative for E. Coli, salmonella...

Charlotte: That still leaves about a hundred other possibilities, none of which require hospital stays. He was fine, Sam. Besides, Grandma said she could handle it.

Sam: The same grandma who couldn't call 911? That's why you don't release my patients without calling me.

(Addison enters a room where Naomi and Cooper are looking at some papers)

Addison: Any word back about the little girl?

Cooper: Yeah, but the test results don't make any sense.

Addison: Sometimes they can be hard to read. Let me see.

Cooper: This does, no.

Addison: You see the...this doesn't make any sense.

Naomi: Which mutation did the parents pass on to Emily?

Addison: None.

Naomi: Well, how is that possible?

Addison: Because they're not her parents.

(Addison, Cooper and Naomi are in a conference room with Emily and her parents)

Mrs. O'Brien: Emily is ours. She's my baby.

Naomi: Uh, there's the chance that this was human error... the hospital nursery wristbands fell off, got mixed up.

Addison: There is also the possibility that someone may have done this on purpose.

Greg: Are... are you accusing us? I mean, you think that we wanted this?

Cooper: Right now, all you have to do is take care of Emily, and we'll find out what happened.

(Addison, Naomi and Cooper are in the hall)

Cooper: I'm telling you, there is something wrong with this guy. We tell him his daughter's dying, he's cold as ice. We tell him he's not the father, he gets defensive right off the bat.

Addison: People react to terrible news in different ways.

Cooper: It's his child. Show some emotion.

Addison: Where did Beth give birth?

Cooper: St. Ambrose.

Naomi: Oh, perfect, Charlotte King's hospital.

Cooper: I'm going over there.

Naomi: No, you... you need to stay here and just calm down. We'll go.

Cooper: Fine

(Addison and Naomi are in Charlotte's office)

Charlotte: Where are those nursery records? There was no stolen baby reported... not in this hospital, not while I was chief.

Addison: Well, then two sets of parents went home with the wrong babies.

Charlotte: I swear, do you all take some kind of perverse pleasure in ruining my life?

Naomi: Yeah, there are switched babies out there, but this is about us.

Charlotte: This hospital has the best nurses in the city. Neonate spent a fortune on security. Did St. Ambrose institute nap time, or do I still have a staff?

Addison: Then why don't you show us the records for the other babies that were in the nursery the time that Emily was there?

Charlotte: Will someone just... thank you. There was only one other African-American girl in the nursery at that time.

Addison: Who is it?

Charlotte: This hospital spent 124 years building its reputation. I am not gonna ruin that by chatting with you.

Naomi: Can you just give us the name?

Charlotte: Not until I talk to our attorneys.

(Sam is at Dave's house)

Sam: Blood pressure 125 over 84. That's normal.

Dave: Yeah. I feel a lot better.

Sam: Okay. Maybe a little shaky. What... what do you think it was?

Sam: Still not sure Just to be safe, why don't you clean the kitchen top to bottom?

Ms. Walker: It's not the food that got him sick.

Dave: Ma, please.

Ms. Walker: Oh, Stevie. Close the door, honey.

Stevie: I'll leave it open. Then the next time dad passes out, no one's got to break a window to get in.

Dave: Hey, Stevie.

Sam: Is he okay?

Dave: Oh, he's just bullheaded, like his dad. What are you gonna do?

Sam: And your mom?

Dave: We're doing real good, doc. Things are good.

(Conference room at OWG)

Sam: So what am I missing?

Pete: Well, in 90% of these cases, it comes down to history and environment.

Sam: Oh, well, the environment's all messed up. The Dad's drinking, Grandma's got way more than she can handle, the kid's acting out.

Cooper: That sounds a lot more serious than a 24-hour flu.

Sam: See, that's why I'm worried. They've got enough to deal with as is. And if David's got something really serious, I'm not sure how they hold it together.

(Ginger enters)

Ginger: Hey, Coop.

Cooper: Hey...Ginger. I didn't recognize you in...I didn't recognize you.

(Addison, Violet and Naomi are looking on)

Addison: Tell me that is not the girl from last night.

Violet: Cooper's bringing 'em to work now?

Naomi: Oh, my god. That's it. He has just crossed the line. Sam just hugged a stripper.

Violet: God, at least with Cooper, you know what you have.

Addison: Okay, now let's all calm down. Sam is not a dog. He never was. Now there could be a totally innocent explanation for this.

Naomi: What... what... what, for stripper hugging? Give me one. Give me one.

Addison: she's here to see the real dog. Oh, would... would you look at him? He's all... "I'm a doctor. My touch heals.

(Charlotte enters)

Charlotte: Can I talk to you?

(Charlotte, Naomi and Addison are in an office)

Charlotte: I spoke to our attorneys.

Addison: And?

Charlotte: Some days I really hate the Hippocratic oath. Here. Here's the file on the second African-American baby in the hospital nursery.

Naomi: You're just giving it to us, just like that?

Charlotte: If you think I'm being nice, read the name.

Naomi: Oh, god.

Addison: What?

Charlotte: And my problem becomes your problem.

Naomi: Melinda and Duncan Stinson.

Addison: You know them?

Naomi: I got them pregnant.

(Melinda and Duncan enter Naomi's office)

Duncan: What do you think of your handiwork, Naomi?

Naomi: Oh, she is so cute.

Melinda: And if you tell me I've got more hormone's to take, I'm gonna scream.

Naomi: Oh, no. No, no, no. It's just, uh, we need to run some blood tests on all of you.

Duncan: What's going on?

(Addison and Charlotte are looking on from another room)

Addison: So how are you holding up?

Charlotte: I'll be better when we find out who did this?

Addison: All your nurses check out?

Charlotte: One moved a few days later, but her record was impeccable.

Addison: Well, something happened in that nursery.

Charlotte: You don't know that. That doesn't stop you from tossing the blame my way.

Addison: I know that if one of my patients was in this much pain, I would be busting my ass looking for answers.

Charlotte: Thank you. I hadn't gotten my earful of Oceanside arrogance today.

(Cooper is playing with Emily while Pete and Sam look on)

Pete: Look at him.

Sam: How is that guy and the guy who hired me a stripper the same person?

Pete: He's Cooper.

(Emily's parents are with Violet)

Mrs. O'Brien: So this other couple...their baby was born the same night?

Violet: That's right. We're... we're running blood tests on them now.

Greg: What if the other blood tests come back positive?

Violet: This is the hard part. According to California would...say good-bye to Emily...and you would welcome a new child into your lives.

Mrs. O'Brien: That's... that's ridiculous. Okay? The blood tests are not gonna come back positive and I don't care what our blood tests said...

Greg: Honey, honey...

Mrs. O'Brien: No. No. I know Emily is my daughter, okay? A mother can feel these things. I don't love that other child. I couldn't love another baby. I love Emily.

Violet: Well, why don't we just wait for the results of the blood test and go from there?

(Violet and Cooper are in the lunchroom)

Cooper: Emily's had a hard time, now she has to adjust to a whole new family?

Violet: Well, the babies are young. You know, adoptions take place at this age all the time. The kids are usually fine. It's the parents I'm worried about. They're the ones who grieve.

Cooper: Greg O'Brien doesn't seem to be grieving.

Violet: What is up with you and this case? Your emotional attachment is huge. 4

Cooper: You're one to lecture me about unhealthy emotional attachments.

Violet: Okay, that was a nice deflection. But unlike you, I am detaching. You want to try it? It's yours.

Cooper: Light. Why didn't Allan buy his own bike?

Violet: On our third anniversary, you know, we took that trip to Italy, and he took me to the town where they made those because even as a child he had... he'd wanted one. So he saved up his money...but then his dad split on his mom, so he had to use his savings to pay rent and to keep his mom afloat. And he never got the bike. What? What? Take the bike. You love it.

Cooper: Yeah, I loved it when I thought it was a cool, sexy, "get me laid" bike, not some sad, Allan-y "cat's in the cradle" bike.

(Addison walks up to Pete in the hall)

Addison: Hey. Is that stripper still in your office?

Pete: Entertainer not stripper, and yes.

Addison: And she's been in there all day? Why?

Pete: We're trying a few different techniques.

Addison: Oh, yeah, I'm sure you are. You know what? Naomi does not need ginger thrown in her face.

Pete: Naomi is a big girl. She can handle it.

Addison: She doesn't have to. That's why I'm here.

Ginger: Pete, is it supposed to feel tingly?

Addison: "Pete, is it supposed to know what? Go. Go do... take care of your poor little stripper girl and her "tingly."

Pete: Entertainer, and why are you so angry at me?

Addison: You... I...

Pete: Cooper's the one that set this...

Addison: You know, I am trying to take care of my friend. And Cooper is bad, but you're worse. And you know why? Because you're slippery. Yeah. You walk around pretending to be all soulful, but you don't take the heat. You just do whatever you want to do and you evade. Evade, evade, evade.

Pete: Do you need me to kiss you again?

Addison: No!

Pete: Okay.

(Charlotte enters Addison office carrying a stack of folders)

Addison: You're back.

Charlotte: Nurses' schedules...perinatal testing, personnel files.

Addison: What'd you find?

Charlotte: Not a damn thing. I have been through every one of these backwards and forwards. You're so sure my hospital ruined these people's lives, then help me prove it.

(Stevie enters with Ms. Walker)

Ms. Walker: Please! Someone hurry! Help me! Please!

Dell: Sam! Sam, front.

Ms. Walker: Hey! Hey! Help! Please, help me!

Dell: Yeah, ma'am, it's all right. Sam! Sam: Stevie, what's going on?

Stevie: Whatever my dad had...I got it worse.

(Sam is in his office with Stevie and Ms. Walker)

Stevie: I got home., Grandma made dad and me some sandwiches, then...pukeville.

Sam: Ms. Walker, what did I tell you about that kitchen?

Ms. Walker: Well, it was just a sandwich.

Sam: That could've killed him. Where is your father?

Stevie: At... at work.

Ms. Walker: I didn't want to bother him with this.

Sam: Ms. Walker, I understand you mean well for your family, but something you are doing is making them sick.

Ms. Walker: This is a family matter, doctor. It doesn't concern you.

(Sam walks out to the desk where Dell is)

Sam: Hey, Dell, can you hand carry Stevie Walker's blood to the lab for me? Put a rush on it. Have them screen for ingestible poisons.

Dell: Yeah

(Naomi walks up to Addison in the hall)

Naomi: Hey. I just got the test back from the Stinson's. The O'Brien baby is their baby.

Addison: And the Stinson baby belongs to the O'Briens.

Naomi: Yep.

Addison: How do you tell someone that their baby was switched with another baby? Damn it.

(Cooper walks out from telling the O'Briens about their baby)

Cooper: Well, that was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Violet: You did everything right.

Cooper: And dad doesn't shed a tear. How's it going with Naomi?

Violet: Well, you know, so far, so...

(Naomi is in with Duncan and Melinda)

Duncan: Do you know what you put my wife through, what you put us through? And now you tell us that this... this other baby who we've never met is sick! We did everything you asked us to do.

Naomi: I know how hard you two worked to get pregnant.

Duncan: Let down after let down, the... the miscarriages, the hormones... you how many shots I had to stick in her? She could hardly move she was so bruised.

Naomi: I... I wish there was something I could do.

Duncan: Yeah, there is something you can do. You can start by explaining how you... how you can live with yourself... taking our money and promising us a healthy baby.

Naomi: Duncan, I never promised you perfection. I promised you a child.

Duncan: My retirement, vacation pay... our future! We spent it all so we could have our little girl!

Melinda: Duncan, please.

Duncan: I want my money back. I want my damn money back!

(Melinda is in Violet's office)

Violet: Your husband...he has a right to be angry. So do you.

Melinda: I could just take Sarah and go. We could just go away. No one would find us.

Violet: Except you won't. Because Emily is your daughter. And she is sick. And a mother never leaves her child behind. Not a strong mother.

Melinda: No. No. This isn't happening. I'm not gonna do it. Come on, baby.

(Sam walks up to the desk)

Dell: Hey. Stevie walker's lab results.

Sam: Coprine?

Pete: From the mushroom? Ink cap mushrooms contain coprine. It's like a natural form of antabuse. When you ingest the mushroom, then if you drink alcohol you get really...

Sam: Really, really sick.

Dell: So someone's poisoning Stevie?

(Addison, and Charlotte are going over the charts. Cooper and Naomi enter)

Naomi: any luck?

Addison: Well, I think we know when the switch happened. We have baby Emily's hospital record and baby Sarah's hospital records, and then on day two, they switched.

Naomi: Emily becomes Sarah and Sarah becomes Emily?

Cooper: What about this nurse, left town?

Charlotte: No, she was in the ER of my hospital, laid out with the flu hooked up to an IV all night.

Cooper: So we're back to square one?

(Sam enters)

Sam: My patient is being poisoned by his own dear, sweet mother. She's dosing him with ink cap mushrooms. Which means he's drinking... boom, on the floor.

Addison: Baby switch.

Charlotte: Poisoning?

Sam: For real? Baby... Hi. You are not a member of this practice. So you have to go ahead and unhear that. I thought I had a problem.

Addison: Yeah, well, maybe we can help you with yours since we're not getting anywhere.

Sam: I... I don't know. I... I gotta stop the mother from hurting her son. Now she's also poisoning her grandson. But I can't send her to jail, can I?

Naomi: How could a parent do that to a child?

Addison: Let me see the visitor's log again. Yeah. The first two days, one person was there constantly. A parent...did that to a child.

(Sam is talking with Ms. Walker)

Sam: What you're doing is a crime. You can't go around poisoning people.

Ms. Walker: No, I only meant it for David. I didn't know Stevie was drinking.

Sam: So it's okay to poison your own son?

Ms. Walker: Well, every time he takes a drink, he pays for it. That's how you teach my David a lesson.

Sam: You have to stop doing this, now.

Ms. Walker: No. My family, we're weak when it comes to this.

Sam: David's not weak. He's an alcoholic. And some old world remedy will not guarantee that he'll stop drinking. Now I'm a doctor, and I'm telling you...

Ms. Walker: What?'re like all the other doctors. Oh, you make him go to a 12-step group, but do you make him stop drinking? No. So I did. Please. You can't tell David. This will work.

Sam: As David's doctor, I can't let it happen. I'm sorry.

Ms. Walker: Then you might as well have me arrested. Because I don't know how long I've got, and my family means everything. If I don't protect them, who will?

(Addison is talking with Duncan and Melinda)

Addison: From birth your baby... your biological baby... well, it was difficult. She had a neurological problem.

Melinda: She did?

Addison: Your c-section caused severe post-labor pain, so you were sedated for most of the first two days. You wouldn't have been aware of how serious it was. But you were, Mr. Stinson. You were in the nursery 24/7. And then when your daughter was 2 days old, she seized while you were holding her.

Duncan: What are you saying? What... what are you saying? I...

Cooper: She's saying that the next time you were in the nursery alone is when those babies were switched.

Addison: You were the only one there. It would've been easy enough to switch off your baby's security bracelet because she was so small.

Duncan: No, I'm not gonna stand for this. If I were that baby's father...

Addison: Mr. Stinson, people's lives have been altered... your child's life. You were supposed to take care of her, and instead you switched her because she was sick.

Naomi: Mr. Stinson, I... I think this is your opportunity to explain to us...

Duncan: No, no, no, you explain. You explain! 3 years and... and $250,000 and all my wife's hopes and dreams...

Melinda: Oh, my god.

Duncan: Melinda, this other family, they can have more kids, healthy kids. You see?

Melinda: Duncan...

(The police enter)

Duncan: Wait, this isn't... I'm not a... Melinda, honey...

Melinda: How could you give my baby to somebody else? How could you?

(Cooper and Violet are walking in the hall)

Cooper: What switches in your brain, makes it okay for you to steal a child? Adults are there to protect children. We're supposed to keep them from harm.

Violet: You're angry at yourself.

Cooper: What? I'm talking about Duncan Stinson, what he did. I'm angry about that.

Violet: Right. Before that, it was Greg O'Brien. But it's really about you.

Cooper: Don' the shrink thing, Violet.

Violet: You can't blame yourself for not being able to make her better, Cooper.

Cooper: She's just a baby.

(Sam is in his office with Dave, Stevie and Ms. Walker)

Sam; Dave, we're here because you have a problem with alcohol.

Dave: A problem? No. Maybe I have a glass of wine or a beer...

Sam: Dave.

Dave: Once, twice a week, maybe I drink more than I should.

Sam: We need to get you into a treatment program.

Dave: Why? Because I like beer? Come on. I don't need treatment.

Sam: Dave.

Dave: Sorry.

Sam: All right, well, you should know that I figured out why you've been getting sick. Uh, you've developed an alcohol.

Dave: What? That's not possible.

Sam: Well, it's rare. Yeah, it's... it's really rare. And it probably runs in the family. So, I mean, you've seen what happens when you drink. That's gonna happen every single time.

Dave: So I...I have to stop drinking?

Sam: Yeah, you do. That's my diagnosis. Now if you continue to get sick, then I'm going to have to consider that it's something much more serious. Gloria, you're gonna help Dave make sure that never happens, not even once?

Ms. Walker: Oh, yes, yes. He... well, he... he's learned his lesson.

(Violet is in her office, Melinda enters)

Violet: Come in. Would you like to sit down? I think it might be helpful for us to talk about what happened. Your husband...

Melinda: Is not my husband anymore. That other little girl...

Violet: Your daughter.

Melinda: She's so sick that she could die?

Violet: Yes.

Melinda: Before she's 5 years old?

Violet: Yes.

(LA Scenes)

(Melinda and Mrs. O'Brien are trading babies)

Violet: Melinda...this is Emily. This is mama. This is Emily.

Mrs. O'Brien: I don't, um...this is a mistake. I can't... I... I thought it would feel like...

Violet: Listen, listen, listen, it is natural that you would feel like a stranger at first. It'll get better.

Melinda: She's, uh, she's so small.

Cooper: The condition she has, it's caused a failure to thrive.

Melinda: She's so beautiful.

Mrs. O'Brien: I know.

Melinda: I sing her to sleep. Sarah's gonna sound stupid, but, uh, I sing Madonna songs to her 'cause they're the only ones I know all the words to. But they work. She goes to sleep so easy.

Mrs. O'Brien: Emily screams... every two hours. But if I...put her on my chest, the sound of my heartbeat...your calms her.

Melinda: Sarah is beautiful, too. Look at her.

Mrs. O'Brien: No, I can't. I...I can't.

Melinda: You have to. She's yours. A mother never leaves her child behind.

Mrs. O'Brien: Hi. Hi, Sarah.

(Cooper notices Greg crying and goes over to him)

Greg: I thought...I couldn't watch her die. And now I can't...let her go.

(Charlotte and Addison are watching from afar)

Addison: I'll get you a tissue.

Charlotte: I'm fine.

Addison: It's okay. It's... it's been a big day.

Charlotte: Montgomery... I'm chief to over 200 physicians. You call this a big day? This place is making you soft.

(Pete enters the room where Addison is)

Pete: God...I am a wreck. Long day.

Addison: We just sent a man to jail for trying to get rid of his own kid, but...your day sounds really hard.

Pete: I didn't know.

Addison: No, of course not. You spent e entire day dealing with the perils of aromatherapy and, uh, your stripper.

Pete: I know you don't believe me, but I like my women real...real skin...real breasts...real lines around their eyes that mean they've really lived and had pain. You show me that woman...and I'm interested. And...not in a slippery way. And, Addison... I think it's great that you try to care of Naomi. But...who takes care of you?

(Sam enters his office where Naomi is)

Naomi: No Ginger. She can't be her. Ginger cannot be her.

Sam:'re gonna have to translate from freaked-out language to normal-people language.

Naomi: The first woman you date after me has to be...she has to... look, she cannot be some stripper with clear platform shoes and... and a suspicious skin condition.

Sam: Naomi, eventually I'm going to start dating.

Naomi: I know that.

Sam: And when that happens, you do not get to have a say in who I date.

Naomi: I know that.

Sam: So...

Naomi: So fine, date. But it can't be Ginger.

Sam: And we're back to crazy.

Naomi: Hey, you know what? I'm a catch. I... I do "The New York Times'" crossword puzzle in pen, I eat vegetables, I have a very good sense of humor, and I don't do Pilates 'cause I think it's fun. I mean, have you seen me? If you date Ginger after you're with me, if she is what you are choosing, if... if your big dream is rashy-skinned strippers, then what...what were you...

Sam: What was I doing with you?

Naomi: Yeah, you know what? Forget it.

Sam: The next girl I date will be amazing. She will be beautiful, she will be intelligent, and she will be rash free.

Naomi: She'll be better than me?

Sam: She will be way better than you. Okay?

Naomi: Okay. That's sweet.

Sam: Thank you.

(Cooper knocks on Violet's door)

Cooper: Vi, open up.

Violet: I think I might need to borrow some tools. The... the frame's still in one piece. The wheels came off and the chain, but I... I think I might need a... a blowtorch or a hacksaw. You have a hacksaw?

Cooper: Is this helping?

Violet: Yeah. Yeah, actually. It's very therapeutic. Oh, damn it. I am so full of crap. I went over to Allan's with the bike. But he'd already gotten one...from Cami. Yes, he told her the bike story. It took him two years to tell me the bike story. They've been together, what,a day? And he told her the bike story. I'm an idiot.

Cooper: No, you're not.

Violet: No, I am. I am. I am. He's married. It's over. I am an idiot.

Cooper: Violet, you are not. You're just... you're, uh, you're just honest. That's your fatal flaw. It's my favorite thing about you. All right. Come here.

Violet: You want to help me run the bike over with my car?

Cooper: Absolutely.

(LA Scenes)

(Naomi and Addison are looking at Sam from the patio below)

Naomi: Look at him, just sitting up there with that dumb little dog.

Addison: Well, if you want, we could... I mean, you want to go and say hi or... or you could just look a little longer.

Naomi: Yeah, the last one.

Addison: Okay.

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