1x04: In Which Addison Has A Very Casual Get Together

Original Airdate: 10/17/2007

Written by: Andrea Newman

Directed by: Arvin Brown

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(Addison enters Sam's house)

Addison: Morning, neighbor.

Sam: Hey.

Addison: You look fancy

Sam: I have to be on live TV this morning.

Addison: I thought maybe you were dressed for something later. A special event?

Sam: I've never been on live TV before.

Addison: It's actually more of a get-together than an event, but...

Sam: I had a dream I was on camera and I was talking and all of my teeth fell out.

Addison: Okay, why has nobody, including you, responded to my invitation tonight? I've invited everyone from work to my home over a week ago, a week.

Sam: Addison, I live 3 feet away from your new home. If you have a party, I'm gonna be there even if I don't wanna be.

Addison: What a delightful acceptance.

Sam: I have to be on live TV.

Addison: Do you want me to come with you? Moral support?

Sam: Yes. Yes.

Addison: Well, all you have to do is invite me

Sam: I would like you to come.

Addison: And I RSVP yes.

Sam: Okay.

Addison: Like any decent person would. Hey! Hands out of the mouth.

(Sam is at the TV show)

Sam: Now you been sick a lot this year, right? Now my exam didn't turn up anything medically. What else has changed this year? Job, home?

Louis: I'm going bald.

Sam: Okay. See, now this is what I'm talking about in my book...the whole mind body connection. Now your body is trying to talk to you, trying to get you to pay attention with what's going on up here. Now hair loss or no, it's the head that's messing with the machine.

Louis: You think the ladies are lining up to choose me over some guy with hair?

Sam: Louis, my man, look at my head. Bald is beautiful. Bald is sexy. Virile men are bald. The arm & hammer guy is bald Louis, you're a bald man. Come on. Say it.

Louis: I'm a bald man.

Sam: You are a strong, proud bald man.

Louis: I am a strong, proud bald man.

Sam: You are a strong, proud bald man.

Louis: I'm a strong, proud bald man.

Sam: One more time with fervor. Are a strong proud

Louis: I am a strong, proud bald man!

Sam: Yes! That's what I'm talking about. Bald is beautiful.

(Sam and Addison are now at the clinic with the other doctors)

Dell: Hey, how was the TV thing?

Addison: He was very inspiring.

Sam: I'm a fraud.

Addison: You were inspiring. Listening to the patient, the mind body connection. You inspired me, okay? Wasn't he inspiring on TV?

Violet: The arm & hammer guy's not bald, by the way.

Sam: He is, too. He's bald.

Cooper: Arm & hammer guy, definitely not bald.

Sam: Yeah

Addison: Hey, everybody.

Pete: Mr. Clean's bald.

Addison: Hey, guys. I'm just trying to get a...a head count for tonight.

Cooper: What's tonight?

Addison: My party. Uh, is anybody coming?

Cooper: Oops. Um.

Violet: I forgot.

Cooper: Yeah.

Sam: I made plans to

Dell: I'm there. I, uh, I RSVP'd.

Naomi: Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. Arm & hammer guy is not bald.

Sam: I know. He's just an arm and a hammer.

Naomi: Okay, today's cases?

(Addison walks up to Dell who is looking at a wall of baby pictures)

Addison: What's this?

Dell: Uh, Naomi's wall of miracles. This one, uh, this one here is my favorite, Jamie. I mean, the mother had hardly any eggs left, you know, borderline FSH. She'd given up. But, you know, Naomi did her thing, and...pow. I mean, she made every baby up there. Or, you know, she...she helped. Those are her miracles.

Addison: Miracles.

(Pete is sitting with Stan and Sylvie)

Pete: Wow. That's a beaut.

Sylvie: My first husband thought engagement rings were too extravagant. So this is my one and only. And this is him. This is my Stan. You should get back out there, Pete. Find yourself a Stan.

Pete: I'm. out there.

Sylvie: I'm not talking about the girls you date. I'm talking about love. I'm talking about marriage, soul mates, like us.

Stan: You worry too much, Sylvie.

Sylvie: Stan's been falling asleep.

Pete: Falling asleep?

Sylvie: Tell the doctor, Stan.

Stan: Sometimes I just go to sleep.

Sylvie: When I'm talking to him, in the middle of the day. First time, I thought he was dead. I almost had a heart attack.

Stan: I always wake up in a couple of seconds. It's no big deal, but Sylvie has to go and drag me to see the wacko doctor.

Sylvie: Stan.

Stan: He's a little more traditional than I am, but he'll warm to you.

Pete: Now before you fall asleep, do you have any dizziness or palpitations?

(Stan stands up)

Stan: This is a waste of time.

Sylvie: No, when he wakes up, he's good. It's almost like it never happened. You think...there he goes.

(Stan falls over)

(Cooper is examining Michael)

Cooper: Come on. No signs of infection. You got a little swelling.

Michael's Mom: What does that mean?

Cooper: Combined with the lack of energy and appetite, could be mononucleosis.

Mom: Wait, the kissing disease? Have you been kissing someone?

Michael: Gross. No.

Cooper: There are plenty of other ways to contract mono. I'm gonna have to take some blood to find out, though. Sorry, dude.

Michael: But I can still skateboard, right?

Cooper: No, not until you're better. And until then, you get plenty of sleep. No making out.

Michael: Like anybody'd want to kiss me anyway.

(Addison is going through files at Dell's desk)

Dell: I don't have a lot of domain around here.

Addison: I'm stepping on your domain.

Dell: Little bit. But can I help?

Addison: I need me. The me file. I, uh...I would be one of Naomi's patients.

Dell: Oh, okay. Yeah. Um, is everything okay? Lady problems?

Addison: Just give me the file.

Dell: Cause I might be able to help. Um, I'm like the hub in the Oceanside wheel.

Addison: The file Dell.

(Addison takes the file and goes to her office to look at it)

(Cooper and Violet are walking through the hall together)

Violet: Are you going to this Addison thing?

Cooper: I'll go if you go?

Violet: You know what? There comes a point when your life is set. You know, you're done with new people. I mean, honestly do I really need a new friend?

Cooper: No, not with me around. I mean, I'm a lot of friend. I'm like two double patties worth of friend.

Violet: That's what I'm saying.

Cooper: That's what I'm saying.

Violet: Whoa.

Cooper: What? What are we hiding from?

Violet: It's Cami.

Cooper: Cami? The woman Allan dumped you for Cami?

Violet: He didn't dump me. He just married her right after he left me. What the hell is she doing with Naomi?

(Violet walks up to Dell's desk)

Violet: Cami Davis is a patient here?

Dell: You should ask Naomi

Violet: What is Cami Davis here for?

Dell: You should ask Naomi.

Violet: Fine. I will.

Cooper: Okay, freak show, um.

Violet: Oh, my god. I'm pathetic. I need to let this go. I'm gonna let this go. Who cares why Cami is here?

(Addison walks up to Dell's desk)

Dell: Oh, yeah. Hey. Did you find what you were looking for?

Addison: Kind of.

Dell: Did I mention I'm a total whiz at the female anatomy? I...I am...I am acing my midwifery classes. I got it all up here. Oh, yeah. Keep it up there. Vulva. Labium majus.

(Addison walks away and Sam walks up)

Sam: If that's flirting, you need new skills. Can you run these labs for me, please?

(A woman gets out of the elevator)

Rebecca: Dr. Bennett? Dr. Sam Bennett?

Sam: I'm Dr. Bennett. Whoa, okay. We got you. Let's get you to a chair. Right over here. Nice and easy. Have a seat. Nice and slow. There we go. Whoa. Did you just walk right out of the hospital?

Rebecca: We had to get out of there.

Addison: We? You and...

Rebecca: Me and my baby. They were trying to kill us.

(Rebecca is in a bed)

Rebecca: I saw you on TV. Those things you said about listening to the patient, was that just TV crap?

Sam: No, I meant it. Except for the arm & hammer part. So you said the hospital's trying to kill you?

Rebecca: Everything they do just makes me sicker.

Addison: How far along are you?

Rebecca: Five months. I know I look thin, but I'm eating. I am. I've always had stomach stuff, this pain, but nobody can figure out what's wrong. I'm doing what you said, Dr. Bennett. I'm listening to my body, but nobody believes me.

Sam: All right. Why don't you give me your name and your hospital? I'll talk to your doctor.

Rebecca: I can't. I can't give you that.

Addison: You scratched your name off your hospital bracelet?

(Addison and Sam go into the hall where Naomi is)

Sam: She won't give us any of her information. She's afraid we're gonna send her back.

Naomi: You're damn right, we're sending her back. I'm gonna get Dell to call all the area hospitals.

Addison: She came here because of Sam. She was inspired by Dr. Sam.

Sam: Well, then she's gonna want to go back, because Dr. Sam is an idiot.

Addison: I'd like to run some tests.

Sam: Okay, fine. But just until we figure out where she belongs.

Naomi: You had to go on TV.

Addison: Thank you, Sam.

Naomi: Does she seem a little...

Sam: Did you RSVP to her thing?

Naomi: Oh. Yeah

(Pete is with Stan and Sylvie)

Stan: The damn floor got off balance.

Pete: Were you dizzy right before it happened?

Stan: Maybe a little.

Sylvie: What's happening to him? Is he gonna have to go to the hospital?

Pete: Stan, I'd like to send you downstairs and run some basic tests. We'll get an EKG, an MRI, and see if we find anything.

Sylvie: You fix Stan, hear me? Like I said, he's my one and only.

(Pete goes to talk with Sam)

Pete: Hey, I've got a 70-year-old male presenting with syncope. These what you'd run?

Sam: Okay, he's hypertensive, diabetic...could be a TIA or an occult arrhythmia.

Pete: I hope not. Okay. Thanks.

Sam: Yeah. Oh, you should RSVP for Addison's thing. She's starting to get a little squirrelly.

Pete: Yeah. I'm not sure.

Sam: She's getting to you.

Pete: She is not. I'm not going there.

Sam: She's definitely getting to you.

(Cooper is with Michael and his mom)

Mom: So he doesn't have mono?

Cooper: Test came back negative.

Mom: Oh, thank god. I'm gonna call dad.

Cooper: You don't seem too happy. You hoping for a contagious disease?

Michael: I knew I didn't have it. I know what's wrong with me.

Cooper: What's that?

Michael: I'm in love.

Cooper: And what, is that awful? It's great, right?

Michael: Not when the person you're in love with doesn't like you back.

Cooper: Who is she?

Michael: Someone at the skate park.

Cooper: Does she know you like her?

Michael: No. 235 If I tell, it'll change everything.

Cooper: I don't know, man. Don't you gotta go for it? I mean, ask her to do something or hang out or.

Michael: Yeah, I thought about it, but I don't want to mess everything up.

Cooper: I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. I mean, I know...I've...I gotta.

Michael: What?

Cooper: This girl I like, I been trying to get up the nerve to say something for a long time. I mean, a long time.

Michael: For real?

Cooper: Yeah. I'll tell you what, a pact. I'll do it if you do it. We'll spill our guts, see what happens.

Michael: Pact.

Cooper: Boom.

(Violet is pacing outside Naomi's office)

Naomi: Violet?

Violet: Why is Cami Davis here? I mean, why was she seeing you?

Naomi: Violet.

Violet: I know. But why was she here?

Naomi: Do you really want to know?

Violet: Okay, don't tell me.

Naomi: I will tell you if you really want to know.

Violet: No. No matter what I say, no matter what I do, don't tell me. Because it's not smart and it's unhealthy, and I should mind my own business. Swear you won't tell me.

Naomi: I swear.

(Sylvie enters Pete's office)

Pete: You okay?

Sylvie: What if...Stan doesn't really want to marry me?

Pete: Why would you think that?

Sylvie: Just hear me out. These attacks, what if they're caused by stress about getting hitched to me for life?

Pete: Sylvie, there are a lot of possible reasons this...

Sylvie: They started right after he proposed.

(Dell walks up to Addison in the hall)

Dell: Hey, I just checked on our Jane Doe.

Addison: What are you doing checking on my patient? This is not midwife school.

Dell: She's having contractions.

(Rebecca's room)

Rebecca: Is the baby okay?

Addison: The medication I'm giving you will stop the contractions. Just focus on your breathing.

Rebecca: Okay. Breathing.

Addison: Here we go. The fetal weight is low for five months. But...the heartbeat is present and strong...for now.

Rebecca: Nobody thought I could get pregnant. Not my doctors, my boyfriend. My body's been messed up my whole life. This's a cliché & cute, right?

Addison: No. No, I get it.

Rebecca: I'll do whatever you say. I can't lose my baby.

(Charlotte is in the hall with Naomi and Sam when Addison walks up)

Charlotte: I hear you have something of ours.

Naomi: She came here on her own, and we called you and every other hospital in the city to try and find out where she came from.

Addison: You know our Jane Doe?

Charlotte: Her name's Rebecca Hobart, and I'm going to arrange transportation back to St. Ambrose immediately.

Addison: Rebecca wants to stay here. We are keeping her.

Charlotte: Is that so? I think your guest left out more than her name.

Addison: What do you mean?

Charlotte: Rebecca Hobart's a 5150.

Sam: She's on involuntary hold?

Charlotte: That's right. The patient you are aiding and abetting, she's straight out of the psych ward.

Addison: She doesn't seem crazy to me.

Charlotte: She's very convincing, like all good Munchausen patients.

Addison: Wait, Munchausen?

Sam: She's making herself sick for the attention?

Charlotte: She's been in and out of psych wards since she was 18. Joint pain, stomach problems...all kinds of vague symptoms, but her tests don't back her up.

Addison: Maybe, but she wants to be treated here.

Charlotte: Her mother is her medical guardian. Under state law, if her mother wants her back at the hospital, Rebecca goes back.

Naomi: Agreed. She goes.

Addison: She's having contractions. You want to move her now, make her lose the baby, be my guest.

(Addison, Naomi and Sam walk away)\

Naomi: Why would you light a fire under Charlotte King's ass for a 5150? I ought to 5150 your skinny...

Addison: Rebecca is not...have you even talked to her? I believe her.

Naomi: Munchausen. These people are exceptional, spectacular liars.

Sam: You two, maybe we could take it down a notch.

Naomi: People get angry, Sam. It's normal.

Addison: Sam is just trying to help.

Naomi: Sam doesn't like conflict.

Sam: Whoa, ladies. Off topic.

Addison: I think Violet should do a psych eval on Rebecca.

Naomi: The woman has a long, documented history...

Addison: Sam, do you agree with me?

(Dell enters)

Dell: Your next patient is in room two.

Sam: Bless you, Dell.

Naomi: Addison. Addison. Why are you fighting so hard for this woman?

Addison: Since when do you give up on people?

Naomi: I'm just trying to look out for you.

Addison: Well, don't.

Naomi: Hey, Addison. I'm coming, okay? Don't tell me this is because I forgot to RSVP to your party.

Addison: Can I ask Violet to do the psych eval or not?

Naomi: Fine.

(Rebecca's room)

Rebecca: I don't need another shrink. This is exactly why I didn't tell you about the psych ward.

Addison: I need you to be off your feet. Your contractions just eased up.

Rebecca: If no one can figure out what's wrong with me, they'll keep saying I'm crazy, and they'll take my baby away from me.

Violet: We are gonna do everything we can to keep that from happening.

Addison: But we need you to help us. Now come on. Sit down. Talk.

(Sylvie and Pete are in his office)

Sylvie: My first marriage was lonely. You know. I can't get stuck in another marriage with a man who doesn't love me.

Pete: You really believe Stan doesn't love you?

Sylvie: Well, I don't know. He could just be using me for the sex, I suppose.

Pete: The...the sex?

Sylvie: We have damn good sex.

Pete: Sylvie, your first marriage. It has nothing to do with Stan. You know you can't let the past hang over you like that.

Sylvie: Neither can you, kid.

Pete: You're not as screwed up as I am. You deserve better.

Sylvie: But be honest, Pete. The timing of these spells and the proposal...pretty damning, isn't it?

(Cooper is in the bathroom talking to his self)

Cooper: Okay, I know I seem like this guy that dates women from the internet...okay, I am this guy that dates women from the internet, but that's only because. No, scrap that. No good. Okay. Um, you're beautiful and you're funny and...well, you're annoying, but in a way that's endearing when it's not driving me crazy. And the point is...the point is.

(Pete enters)

Cooper: I love you. I'm in love with you and have been for...ever. I just...I love you. I love you.

Pete: Were you just saying I love you to your genitals?

Cooper: No.

(Pete leaves)

(Cooper walks up to Violet in the hall)

Cooper: There's...I want to talk to you, tell you something that I, uh. What are you doing?

Violet: Uh, that... that's Cami's urine sample.

Cooper: You're spying on Cami's pee?

Violet: No. This...this, um, this Cami thing is eating at me, all right? It's really all I can think about. So if I were a patient, what would I tell myself?

Cooper: Hopefully that talking to yourself like you're two people is a sign of insanity.

Violet: No, I would tell my patient that they need to figure out a way to move on, to get some information so that they can move on.

Cooper: And that relates to Cami's bodily fluids how?

Violet: What if Cami's pregnant? I mean, if I know that Cami is pregnant, that would be big step

in really solidifying that it's over between me and Allan.

Cooper: Okay, do not steal that urine.

Violet: Right. Okay. All right. What did you want to talk to me about?

Cooper: It's, uh, it would be better later.

Violet: No, no, just tell me now. I need to focus on something other than Cami.

Cooper: It's just, you know, I made this pact, and there are some feelings that, uh, uh. Violet! Step away from the pee-pee.

Violet: Right. Right. Right. I am removing myself from the situation.

Cooper: That went perfectly.

(Addison and Violet are talking in the hall)

Violet: From what I could see, Rebecca doesn't totally fit the Munchausen profile.

Addison: Do you think I'm personalizing this case? Like maybe I need to believe in the happy miracle baby?

Violet: Well, instinct's a bitch, right? You only know if you can trust it after the fact. Okay, and I don't know each other that well. We're not friends, could...share. I guess.

Addison: No. No, no, no. I...I don't wanna...

Violet: Yes, yes. Let's...share.

Addison: Yeah? Oh, it's just. I have fertility issues. And Naomi...I don't know. And I'm all cranky about it, and I have a right to be, a right. I'm right and all. I know. You know? Uh, the sharing, it'''s not so good.

Violet: No...but, hey, I don't even want kids. But the idea of my ex's new wife having's making me nuts.

Addison: No, it's better to know, just get through it.

Violet: Well, she's seeing Naomi. Naomi won't tell me anything.

Addison: Let me tell you something about Naomi. Don't let her tell you what you can and cannot know. In fact...go look at the file yourself.

Violet: Yeah.

Addison: I mean, you just wait until Dell is away from his domain, and then you go for it. You go get your answers.

Violet: You're a little bit of a crazy, you know that?

Addison: Yeah.

Violet: I like you.

(Michael enters Cooper's office)

Cooper: Michael, what happened?

Michael: Why did you tell me to do that?

Cooper: Do what?

Michael: I knew I shouldn't have said anything. I knew it.

Cooper: Michael, who did this to you?

Michael: Brian.

Cooper: Okay, who's Brian?

Michael: He's the one I asked out...the one I love.

(Cooper is with Violet)

Cooper: Can you imagine being 10 and already knowing who you are?

Violet: Some kids know. They just know.

Cooper: This poor guy, he...he came out, and he got his heart broken and his ass kicked all in one day. I gotta do something.

Violet: should do what you're doing. You gotta listen, stay on top of the situation. Kids like Michael are at a high risk for self-destructive behavior.

Cooper: I know, but that's usually when they're teenagers. You don't think he might hurt himself now?

Violet: It happens.

Cooper: Okay. Okay. I'll talk to his parents. Thanks.

(Cooper leaves)

Violet: Hello, closure.

(Pete and Sylvie are in the hall)

Pete: I'm having them run an echo to check for heart abnormalities and tests to rule out artery obstructions and seizure activities.

Sylvie: All these're not doing this just for me, are you? I know I'm pushing for an answer, but...

Pete: As much as I adore you, I wouldn't do that. I'm doing it for Stan, the guy that called me a wacko.

(Addison walks up)

Addison: Pete.

Pete: Oh, um, Sylvie, this is Addison. She's our GYN.

Sylvie: You're new. How do you?

Addison: Uh, Pete, uh, if you get a moment later, I could use you for, um, a consult on my patient's nutritional status. At which time I would also like an RSVP for my party.

Pete: Okay.

Addison: Or you could RSVP now.

Pete: I'll wait.

Addison: Or I could uninvite you.

(Addison walks away)

Sylvie: You like that one.

Pete: Don't do that. Don't mother me.

Sylvie: She reminds me a little of your Anna.

Pete: My wife was nothing like Addison. Well, there are similarities, but Addison is. tougher. Addison doesn't need...she...she doesn't need.

Sylvie: Which makes her seem perfect for you.

Pete: Can we focus on Stan?

(Naomi walks in to Violets office)

Naomi: This is Cami Davis' file.

Violet: Just...I gotta know. Tell me.

Naomi: No. I told you I wouldn't.

Violet: I know, but now I'm telling you to tell me.

Naomi: No. I swore I wouldn't.

Violet: Well, just give me the file, and then you won't have to tell me anything.

Naomi: Don't make me hurt you. You're freaking out a little.

(Naomi leaves)

Violet: I am freaking out a little.

(Michael's parents are in Cooper's office)

Cooper: Michael's missing?

Mom: We got home, and he went to lie down. But when I checked on him, he was gone.

Dad: We've been all over. I thought maybe he went to settle the score with those kids who hit him.

Mom: I've left him a dozen messages. I texted him. He usually calls right back.

Dad: No, you know what? Let me check the school again first.

Cooper: I'll check the skate park.

Mom: Are you sure? You've got patients.

Cooper: Let's...let's just find Michael.

(Addison enters Rebecca's room)

Rebecca: Come here. I felt the baby moving.

(Charlotte and Mrs. Hobart enter)

Charlotte: This is Mrs. Hobart, Rebecca's mother.

Rebecca: Get her out of here.

Addison: Mrs. Hobart, she's had a rough day.

Mrs. Hobart: You have no idea. You want to hear how Rebecca operates?

Rebecca: Shut up, mom!

Sam: All right, let's just take this slow.

Mrs. Hobart: She starves. Or she eats god knows what to get sick. Then she dupes another hospital into believing her until they figure out what's really going on.

Rebecca: Get her out of here!

Addison: That's enough. Okay, remember our breathing? Good. Good.

Rebecca: What? What is it?

Sam: These labs show us you haven't eaten in days.

Naomi: She lied. She has been making herself sick.

Mrs. Hobart: What a shock.

Rebecca: No, no. I did eat.

Addison: I'll make sure her contractions are gone, then she's yours.

Rebecca: I...I thought you believed me.

Addison: I did.

Rebecca: Oh, god.

(Pete is with Sylvie)

Pete: Okay, I have Stan's labs. MRI looks good. The blood levels are good. All the tests check out okay.

Sylvie: Thank god. Right?

Pete: Sylvie, you don't know...we don't know that this has anything to do with you.

Sylvie: Then find me another answer.

(Addison is in the hall)

Addison: So much for being inspired, huh?

Sam: Oh, crap. Addison, wait. Wait up. Uh, we need a little bit more time with your daughter.

Naomi: Sam.

Charlotte: Dr. Bennett, this is...

Sam: I know that you've been through hell, and maybe your daughter is a master manipulator. But, uh, she risked a lot to come here because she thought we were different. and better. And I believe we are. We can figure out what's wrong with your daughter. We just need a little bit more time.

Naomi: Do you honestly think...

Charlotte: Sam, please don't indulge this

Sam: We just want to help your daughter. That's all we ask.

Mrs. Hobart: Okay. One hour. You get one more hour.

(Cooper is at the skate park)

Cooper: Brian? Do you know where Michael is? Hey, hey, whoa. Where's Michael?

Brian: I don't know. He's a freak.

Cooper: He's your friend.

Brian: No, he's not. I thought he was until he said all that stuff.

Cooper: So you hit him just 'cause he said something?

Brian: He asked me out on a date.

Cooper: And I'll bet he wishes he didn't, but he did. So he's gonna have to live with that. Can you?

Brian: You can't just go around saying stuff like that, not here.

Cooper: Brian, Michael's missing. I need to find him.

Brian: He's what?

Cooper: He's missing. Do you know where he could be?

Brian: No.

Cooper: Hey, Brian, come on.

Brian: There's a parking lot where we hang at. There's a cool ramp that we skate on. Maybe he'd go there. I didn't mean to hit him so hard. Tell him I'm sorry. Okay?

(Sam, Naomi, Addison and Violet are in the hall)

Addison: Sam, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but what can we possibly find in an hour?

Naomi: Why did you make promises to this woman you know we can't keep?

Sam: Because maybe we can. Okay? Now is there anything else we need to cover before we can get our heads in the game?

Violet: I...I have a need. I need to know why Cami is here.

Naomi: Look, you made me promise not to tell you...

Sam: Spill.

Naomi: It's a bladder infection. from having too much sex. Cami and Allan have been having a lot of sex.

Violet: Oh, good. It's not cancer. I was just afraid it might be cancer.

Sam: Well, it isn't. Good. Done. Now Rebecca.

(Cooper finds Michael)

Cooper: Michael.

Michael: I was gonna run away...but I don't have any money. Plus, running away is lame. So then I thought I'd just jump.

Cooper: Michael...

Michael: And jumping's even lamer than running away.

Cooper: I talked to Brian. He feels pretty bad.

Michael: Yeah, well...he doesn't love me back

Cooper: No. Look, some kids are cool with it.

Michael: Yeah, but I don't want to hang out with them. I want to hang out with Brian. I wish I was somebody se.

Cooper: What are you talking about?

Michael: I wish I was're old.

Cooper: Yeah, I am old. I am elderly. But you're young. You will have a lot of chances to fall in love again with someone who's really into you big-time. Me, being so old an all, right, I'm done.

This one, this girl, this love, that's probably it for me. And I didn't have the guts to tell her how I felt. I looked at her, and I just. I couldn't. You told Brian. And...and you're a lot braver than I am. Damn. You little punk.

Michael: I, uh, I don't want to go home yet.

Cooper: We can hang out for a while. And then we need to tell your folks you're okay.

(Addison and the other doctors are working on Rebecca's case)

Addison: I don't know...I don't. Nothing's jumping out at me.

Sam: You're the one who believed. Why?

Addison: Because I thought she was telling the truth. Ignore the files, ignore all the preconceptions, and let's look at the facts as if everything Rebecca has told us is the truth.

Sam: Which would mean that the hospital missed something right from the start.

Violet: And then she's saddled with a psych diagnosis. So the doctors would assume that her worsening symptoms are just signs of increasingly destructive behavior.

Pete: But that could also indicate a worsening of her real physical condition.

Violet: So then what's the missing illness that started it all?

Naomi: Well, one that...that makes her feel stomach spasms and pain after she eats.

Sam: Associated with occasional joint pains and fevers.

Pete: And comes and goes in cycles.

Sam: Did they ever get a GI camera study?

Naomi: I didn't see it in her records.

Violet: How would that help?

Addison: The camera could get to places in Rebecca's body that previous workups couldn't have seen. It's a relatively new procedure.

Sam: And if she had an occult form of an autoimmune disease.

Addison: Affecting deep sections of the intestine.

Pete: It would flare up during times of stress, like during pregnancy.

Naomi: Which means she wouldn't absorb nutrients properly.

Addison: And explains why she says she's eating, but the labs say she's not.

Violet: So they could've missed it?

Addison: They definitely could've missed it.

Sam: All right.

(They all go into the hall and run into Dell)

Dell: Look, I was playing tug-of-war with the wheelchair, okay? But Charlotte is stronger than she looks.

Sam: They took her back to the hospital?

Addison: Rebecca's gone?

Dell: She's gone.

(They are at the hospital with Charlotte)

Charlotte: Do you know what this girl's mother will say if she finds out I ran another test without her consent?

Addison: What will she say if the test could save Rebecca's life, hers and the baby's?

Charlotte: Y'all really want me to get fired, don't you?

Sam: If you need a win to get the hospital off your back for Rebecca walking, take full credit for the fix.

Charlotte: I don't care about the credit. Okay, I do care about the credit. But I care about helping this girl more. We'll set up for the camera study.

Sam: All right.

(Pete is with Sylvie).

Pete: Something Sylvie said has me wondering.

Sylvie: I spoke to you in confidence.

Pete: Sylvie, I think I might know what's wrong with Stan.

Sylvie: You do?

Pete: You two have been having a lot of sex?

Stan: A gentleman doesn't discuss...

Sylvie: Yes.

Pete: Different positions?

Stan: I'm not going to stand here and get the third degree from this pervert.

Sylvie: Mostly one position. Because of his sciatica, I'm on top.

Pete: Show me.

Stan: Aw, for the love of...oh, Sylvie.

Sylvie: He holds me here, supporting me on account of my hip.

Pete: Okay. Good.

Stan: This is where I draw the line.

Sylvie: Stan, you okay? Does that happen every time you press there?

Pete: All that repetitive motion formed a trigger point in the muscle, 'causing a painless migraine.

You move the wrong way and boom, you pass out.

Stan: Painless migraines?

Pete: You get all the neurological signs, but you never develop the headache.

Stan: And that's all it was?

Pete: A few sessions of my intensive muscle therapy should do it. And we can treat that sciatica so that, uh, you can try some new sexual position.

(Pete goes into the hall and Sylvie follows)

Sylvie: He loves me.

Pete: I told you.

Sylvie: Thank you, Pete. You don't know how much this means. Or...yes, you do.

(Violet sees Cami walk past her office. She brings her into her office)

Violet: Why are you here in my practice, throwing your too-much-sex-itis in my face?

Cami: You know about that?

Violet: There are a million other doctors in LA you could've gone to. Why did you come to the

place where I worked? Just to mess with me?

Cami: I just needed to pick up the results of my labs.

Violet: That still doesn't answer the question. Why here?

Cami: He talks about you...mean, all of you, how good you are. I wanted the best.

Violet: You're here to scope me out.

Cami: I shouldn't have come. I'm sorry.

Violet: Cami. Cami. You don't need to worry. You're,like,2 years old. You're pretty.

You're the...Barbie dream house. I am not your competition. Trust me.

Cami: I wouldn't be so sure.

(Addison, Sam and Charlotte enter Rebecca's room)

Sam: We've got the results.

Rebecca: And?

Addison: You have Crohn's disease. You were eating, and it was making you sick.

Rebecca: So you believe me?

Addison: I believe you.

Rebecca: You believe me. You believe me.

Sam: The chances of your baby being healthy are very good.

(Mrs. Hobart enters)

Mrs. Hobart: I'm sorry.

(Addison and Sam enter Oceanside and all the doctors are in the waiting room)

Naomi: How did it go? How's Rebecca?

Sam: Dr. Sam hasn't lost his touch.

All: All right.

Addison: You? I'm the one...fine. Dr. Sam is a

Violet: Do you want me wine?

Addison: You guys are hanging out here?

Cooper: Yeah, we have red and, uh, I can get some white from the fridge.

Addison: You know, no. Wait. No. I got food. I bought a barbecue grill. I dragged bags of ice across the beach. And I invited all of you people, and none of you even bothered to RSVP because your lives are so busy and great, and yet here you sit drinking wine in the lobby like animals.

Violet: We're coming.

Cooper: Yeah, we were waiting for you guys to get back from the hospital and.

Addison: Oh. I. well, then...

(They are all at Addison's. Cooper and Violet are walking through the house)

Violet: There is no way she's right. He is not still thinking about me.

Cooper: Of course he's still thinking about you, you idiot.

Violet: You don't have to be mean about it.

Cooper: You're hard to forget.

Violet: Cooper.

Cooper: What? I'm just saying you are very loud, you have a lot of curly hair.

(Cooper walks outside)

Cooper: Boys.

(Naomi and Addison are sitting on the beach)

Naomi: Okay, you have been pissed off at me all day. I was wrong about Rebecca. I'm...I'm sorry.

Addison: Why did you tell me there was no hope for me to ever have a baby?

Naomi: Because.

Addison: I have two eggs left. Two. I looked at my chart. Why didn't you tell me that my FSH was borderline? It means there's still a chance.

Naomi: I just...I didn't want you hanging on to something that's probably never gonna happen.

Addison: Okay, you need to stop protecting me. You don't get to decide what I hang on to.

Naomi: What, and Sam...with is mind body thing. what, he inspired you to look again, ask for more? Yeah, that's his thing now.

Addison: Yeah. It made me feel like...there's I'm not alone.

Naomi: You think you're alone. Look around.

(Sam walks up)

Sam: Hey, what y'all talking about?

Addison: I'm a strong, proud bald man.

Sam: It really is just an arm and a hammer.

Addison: Let it go, Sam.

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