Holly spent the last 12 years with little to no control over anything in her life. Our job is to the break that pattern by letting her know that she and she alone is in control here. Whatever she wants, she gets, including you.
Helen Fincher to Meredith Grey

Helen Fincher is an attending psychiatrist working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Dr. Fincher was assigned to Holly Wheeler after Holly was stabilized post-surgery. After discovering that Holly had bonded with Dr. Grey, Dr. Fincher recommended that Dr. Grey be assigned to Holly for the duration of her surgical treatment. Due to Dr. Grey's lack of psych training, Dr. Fincher worked closely with Dr. Grey by offering her services as consult.

After the surgical staff discharged Holly from their services, Dr. Fincher continued to administer Holly's therapy treatment.


Dr. Helen Fincher is an attending psychiatrist at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

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