Harry Victor is an attending urologist at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Dr. Harry Victor was the attending surgeon on the Rick Humphrey case, supervising both Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Isobel Stevens. After Dr. Bailey performed a prostate biopsy on Mr. Humphrey, she shared the pathology report with Dr. Victor, confirming that the cancer was localized only in the prostate. Dr. Victor then recommended a radical prostatectomy as a curative measure.

The next day, after a quick round of golf, Dr. Victor performed a laparascopic prostatectomy with Dr. Bailey assisting. As the surgery revealed a good prognosis without severing the nerves, Dr. Bailey recommended an altered course of action, supported by Dr. Stevens, to give Mr. Humphrey a chance at a normal sex life.

Despite his opinion that it would take an hour longer and that some of the cancer might remain, he continued with the procedure, saving the nerves, but vowed to report Dr. Bailey and Dr. Stevens to Chief Webber for insubordination.


Dr. Harry Victor is an attending urologist at Seattle Grace Hospital. As a self-proclaimed "old-dog," Dr. Victor's surgical approach, especially concerning prostatectomies, is aggressive, garnering him the moniker "Limp Harry" as he never spares the nerves.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Bailey refers to him as an "ass who deals in asses."
  • Dr. Victor is an avid player of golf, scheduling golf games between surgeries.
  • He has golf balls on his scrub cap.