Greta was a clinical trial patient of Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Grey.


Greta was diagnosed with an inoperable glioma and joined Meredith and Derek's clinical trial in hopes that they could treat her tumor. Her sister came with her, but Greta refused to go into surgery until Andre showed up. He never showed up and everyone assumed he was simply an artifact of her tumor. She finally started to believe it right before she went into surgery. She went into surgery and survived, but was left in a coma due to swelling in her brain. It didn't look like she would wake up.



Before she met Andre, she didn't have any boyfriends and would have to send herself flowers on Valentine's Day.

Greta met her boyfriend Andre on a cruise around the Greek islands. The boat stopped at an island and she was late getting back, so she had to run. One of her shoes fell off, but she left it behind. That night, Andre found her at dinner, returned her shoe, and the two started dating. Nobody ever saw them together.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When alive, she would draw pictures and write stories about her boyfriend Andre Barrett.


Episode StillsEdit

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