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Gary Clark
Biographical information



People-Shooting Hat Guy

Medical information

Gun shot wound


Callie Torres


Pressure gauze

Family information

Alison Clark(wife)

Character information
First appearance

Sympathy for the Parents

Last appearance

Death and All His Friends


GA: 6

Portrayed By

Michael O'Neill


Gary Clark was a grieving widower whose wife, Alison, was taken off life support at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. He eventually was the perpetrator of a mass murder at the hospital.


Alison's DeathEdit

Alison had cancer and went in for surgery. At first it seemed that the surgery went well, but there were complications. Gary was devastated when his wife had to be taken off life support. He was insistent that she could wake up, despite several doctors' professional opinions stating otherwise. Alison had signed forms three years prior to her death stating that if her survival was dependent on machines, she would like to be unplugged and allowed to die.

Lawsuit Against the HospitalEdit

He filed a lawsuit against Derek Shepherd and Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital over the death of his wife. Derek's lawyer stated that Gary had no case, as the hospital had acted in accordance with her advanced directive.

Shooting at the HospitalEdit

Mr. Clark, grieving heavily, proceeded to stage a hospital killing spree. He killed Dr. Charles Percy, a nurse, Dr. Reed Adamson, and 8 other people, including 2 security guards. He also shot Alex Karev, Owen Hunt, and Derek Shepherd, along with four others who were injured, but not killed. He caused Meredith to miscarry due to the stress of seeing Derek shot in the chest, with the bullet going straight through his heart, and she miscarried while checking Owen to see if his wound was only superficial. He shot at Lexie Grey, but missed because a SWAT member who was searching the hospital for survivors shot him in the shoulder. He walked into where Dr. Robbins and Dr. Torres moved all the pediatrics patients, but Callie made him move on by giving him bandages and instructing him how to use them to stop the bleeding.


Gary shot himself in front of Richard Webber. Gary had one bullet left and he had to make the decision either to shoot Richard or himself. Richard gave him the outcomes of both. He told Gary that if he were to shoot himself, he could be reunited with his wife and would not have to face the consequences of his mass murder. But if he were to shoot Richard, he would spend a life in prison. Gary ultimately shot himself.



Alison ClarkEdit

He and Alison Clark had been married for 32 years at the time of her death.



Grey's Anatomy, Season 6

Sympathy for the Parents · How Insensitive · Sanctuary · Death and All His Friends

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