Frances Keller was a patient of Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She had a severely broken hand.


Hand InjuryEdit

While at a family reunion, Frankie participated in a game of tug-of-war using clothesline. Three of her family members lost fingers, while Frankie's own hand was broken. Callie took an x-ray of her hand, which showed her hand was severely crushed. Callie said she'd need to repair two bones and fixate others in an extensive surgery, in which she'd be assisted by Arizona.

The surgery went well, but Frances would need to have physical therapy for six months to a year so she might regain full use of her hand.


Frankie works on her school newspaper, covering the sophomore beat. Another kid from her school wrote a piece about a bird that was thought to be extinct living in her backyard and her story got picked up by the Associated Press, which led to her becoming a stringer for The New York Times. Frankie aspired to have a similar fate and, once she noticed the CDC's presence at the hospital, began asking questions about the investigation. Callie visited her after the surgery and gave her a copy of the press release from the hospital, which was set to go out in the morning, giving Frankie 12 hours to get the story out before the other news sources. She also allowed Frankie to ask a couple questions.



Frankie was forced to attend a family reunion instead of editing the spring supplement for her school paper. When she was injured at the event and had to be taken for x-rays, she was eager to be separated from her family for a while.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is a sophomore in high school.
  • She doesn't know who Robert Woodward is.