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Finn Dandridge
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Liz Dandridge(wife)

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  • Mother †
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First appearance

The Name of the Game

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What I Am


GA: 2 and 3

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Chris O'Donnell


Finn Dandridge is a vet and the former love interest of Meredith Grey.


Early LifeEdit

Finn's mother died of cancer when he was 10 and when she died, his father stopped caring and would only lie down in front of the television with a bottle of scotch. He was crowned Prom King.



Liz DandridgeEdit

His wife, Liz, died in a car accident.

Meredith GreyEdit


Finn and Derek meet Meredith at Joe's bar.

He was also the newest love interest for Meredith for some time before she broke up with him for Derek. He dated Meredith throughout the end of the second season, and the beginning of the third season. He competed with Derek Shepherd for Meredith's heart. Meredith realized that he may be the "best guy", but he wasn't "her guy." After she told him this, he replied by saying "He'll break your heart again, and when he does, I won't be here" and walked out for the last time.

Career Edit

Finn is a veterinarian who takes care of all types of animals. He treated Doc, Meredith, Derek, and Addison's dog. On his and Meredith's first date, he had to run some errands, which consisted of him birthing a horse while Meredith helped. After Finn realized Doc had gotten bone cancer, he was the one to put him down. 

Notes and TriviaEdit

The interns have given him the nickname "McVet", in accordance with Derek Shepherd's nickname, McDreamy.

Derek grew very jealous of Finn, though he'd never admit it. He went so far as to tell Meredith that she "slept around" after he saw her at Finn's place.



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