Evelyn Yu was part of the bus crash during the super storm.


Evie and her mother were waiting out the storm in a church. However, when the roof caved in, they were forced to attempt evacuation by bus. That bus then crashed outside Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and its passengers were evacuated. Among them was Evie's mother, who told them that her daughter was also on the bus and wondered where she was.

As they were getting Barbara off the bus, Jackson noticed a shoe that matched the description of the shoes Evie was wearing. He looked back into the bus and saw Evie hiding in there. He tried to coerce her out of the bus, but she wouldn't come. He eventually went in after her. Second later, the bus exploded. However, Jackson emerged from the wreckage carrying Evie and returned her to her mother.



Evie's mother was also in the bus crash and was concerned about Evie's safety even as she was being extracted from the bus.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 3 years old at the time of the super storm.
  • She was wearing pink high-top sneakers, which his how Jackson found her.