Eugene Foote was a classical violinist and was Burke's favorite musician until his death during surgery.



Eugene picked up his first violin when he was six. He'd found it in his grandfather's attic. He pulled the bow across the strings and he was hooked.


Burke flew down to San Francisco to place a pacemaker in Eugene's chest.

The pacemaker worked very well, but a year later, he came to Seattle Grace Hospital and requested that Dr. Burke remove his pacemaker, which he believed affected his music by changing his rhythm.

Before he agreed to operate, Burke suggested they try adjusting the settings. Eugene agreed, but his playing was still off. Burke tried to decline doing the surgery, saying removing it was risky because of the scar tissue that had grown around it.

Eugene said if Burke wouldn't operate, he'd find someone who would, so Cristina talked him into agreeing, saying this gave him his best chance of survival. They took him into surgery, but despite their best efforts, he died in the OR.


According to George, Foote was a "genius violinist." After getting a pacemaker, he believed that his playing was not as good as before, so he asked Burke to remove it, but died during the ill-advised surgery.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Burke has 43 of his albums.
  • He was pronounced dead at 18:32.