Esme Sorento was an elderly patient of Miranda Bailey and Meredith Grey.



She was admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital by her husband Jed as she had been unable to keep any food down for an entire day. An initial diagnosis of cholecystitis was made and she was brought into the OR for a cholecystectomy. Once inside, Bailey and Grey saw that she had a 'porcelain gallbladder', which is a sign of gallbladder cancer. Pathology confirmed that Esme had advanced gallbladder cancer and with treatment had between 4 and 6 months to live.

Upon hearing the diagnosis, Jed told Grey and Bailey not to tell Esme as she was so happy. However Grey later told Esme who informed her not to tell Jed as they are both looking forward to a trip to Venice at the end of the month where they plan to ride a gondola under the 'Bridge of Sighs' which according to popular belief will unite a couple forever.

Esme later left the hospital with Jed.



She's been married to Jed Sorento for over 60 years. They each have a strong desire not to cause the other pain and each of them believed the other didn't know about Esme's terminal cancer. They had planned a trip the Venice to ride a gondola under the Bridge of Sighs, which says the couple will be united for eternity.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She likes otters.

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