Eric Choudry is the husband of Rita Choudry.


Madeline’s DeathEdit

Eric and his wife, Rita, had a two year old daughter named Madeline. One day, while they were walking, Madeline asked to let go of Rita’s hand so she could run. She then slipped and hit her head, killing her. Rita always believed that her daughter died because she let go of her hand.

Rita’s PregnancyEdit

Rita had Ebstein’s malformation, meaning that when she became pregnant after Madeline's death, maintaining the pregnancy was extremely risky. Eric begged her to terminate the pregnancy, but she was determined to continue. She was put on bed rest at the hospital because of her condition. When she was 33 weeks pregnant, she complained about upper back pain. Dr. Pierce diagnosed an aortic dissection. She was rushed into emergency surgery, where her baby was delivered and her dissection was repaired.

Baby Girl ChoudryEdit

Rita and Eric’s baby was diagnosed in utero with double inlet left ventricle, meaning she would require surgery immediately after birth. Because of her prematurity, her surgery was even more risky. Dr. Robbins, after exhausting all other options, had the idea to split her one good ventricle into two. It was successful.



He is married to Rita Choudry. They had two children together.


He had a daughter named Madeline who died in a freak accident when she was two. After Madeline’s death, his wife became pregnant despite the risks and they had another daughter.