Emma Caroll came into the ER with her husband when he had a heart attack after seeing a lion loose in Seattle.


Emma and her husband, Martin, were in Seattle on their way to Alaska on a cruise for their anniversary. While they were walking around, the saw a lion. Martin had a heart attack and had to be taken to the ER. From there, he was taken to angioplasty to open up the blockages.

In angioplasty, he had another heart attack. They placed a balloon pump, but he still needed a coronary artery bypass.

As they went to take Martin off bypass, there was a rupture. Despite this complication, Teddy was able to repair the damage and the surgery was successful.

However, when Teddy went out to the waiting room to inform Emma that he had made it, she found Emma dead. They attempted resuscitation in the ER, but it was unsuccessful and Teddy had to tell Martin that Emma had died.



She was married to Martin Carroll until her death.


Emma and Martin's children bought them a cruise for their 50th anniversary.


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