Emma Anderson is a young girl admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital with her sister, who later died.


Emma came into the ER of Seattle Grace Hospital with her sister after her sister crashed her father's car when texting while driving. She was texting to tell John and the guys where to meet them.

In the ER, the two bickered. Emma even asked if there was a police officer around so that she could press charges and told Holly, "You are so dead when Mom and Dad show up." Holly didn't want to give the doctors her name for fear she'd get in trouble, but Emma gave their names and dialed their dad on her cell phone so the doctors could alert their parents.


Emma grieves with her parents and yells at Dixon.

Callie told Emma that she would have to stay off her leg for a while as it was broken and Emma almost cried as she realized she would miss her Future Leaders of America conference in Washington, D.C., something that she had been waiting for over a year and her parents had spent two grand on. Alex then noticed something wrong with Holly's eyes and quickly wheeled her away to an O.R. and Emma screamed after them "Good, take her away. I hope you die!"

Later, Meredith walked over to Derek and Alex with Emma but Holly suddenly starts leaking brain matter. She was brought into surgery, however she suffered a carotid dissection, which left her brain dead. When Emma and Holly's parent were brought in Dr. Dixon suggested organ donation. Emma yelled at Dr. Dixon so Meredith asked Dixon politely to leave.

Later, Meredith comforted Emma, telling her that no matter what happened, Holly loved her, and she loved Holly and that if roles were reversed, Holly would forgive her.



Emma was in a car accident with her sister. When she found out that she'd be unable to make a trip she was looking forward to, she told her sister she hoped she'd die. However, she regretted it when her sister actually did die.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She has her father on speed dial.
  • She was 15 at the time of her accident.


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