Ellis Shepherd is the younger daughter, and youngest child, of Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd. She has an older brother, Bailey, and an older sister, Zola.


Conception and BirthEdit

Ellis was likely conceived the day before her father died, as her parents decided to have another baby on that day and then tried and did have one.

After her father's funeral, her mother took her siblings and left Seattle for the duration of her pregnancy, leaving only a note that said, "The kids and I are safe." for friends and family. Despite a placental abruption, which caused Meredith to bleed severely when her water broke, Ellis was delivered successfully. ("She's Leaving Home")

Return to SeattleEdit

Shortly after her birth, her mother and siblings returned to Seattle. ("She's Leaving Home")

Meredith's AttackEdit

A few weeks after Meredith was attacked by a patient, Arizona and Alex brought Zola, Bailey, and Ellis in to see her. However, the three of them were too scared by her appearance and the visit was brief. After she had recovered, the family was happily reunited at home. ("The Sound of Silence")



Ellis lives in Seattle with her mother and her two siblings. Her father died before she was born, likely the very day after she was conceived.

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