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Dylan Young
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Bomb Squad

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First appearance

It's the End of the World

Last appearance

Some Kind of Miracle


GA: 2 and 3

Portrayed By

Kyle Chandler


Dylan Young was a member of the bomb squad who was killed when a projectile from a bazooka exploded while he was carrying it.

Career Edit

During the bomb scare at Seattle Grace, Dylan was the head member of the bomb squad who helped Meredith calm her nerves as she held the bomb located in a living body. His sharp words annoyed her, but Meredith grew to understand what his job required him to do, and it was a scary one. Once he calmed her down, and she was able to take the bomb out of the patient, she handed it to Dylan. On his way out the door, the bomb exploded, killing him.

When Meredith "dies" after a fall into Elliot Bay, she wakes up in "the afterlife" and sees Dylan, Doc, Bonnie and Denny Duquette.



Grey's Anatomy, Season 2

It's the End of the World · As We Know It

Grey's Anatomy, Season 3

Drowning on Dry Land · Some Kind of Miracle

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