Duncan Mischer is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Tumor RemovalEdit

Miranda Bailey explained to him that they would be removing part of his colon to graft it into his throat after removing a tumor in his esophagus. His husband commented that now when he gives a restaurant a bad review, they can really say that he’s talking out his ass, but Duncan counters that he can truly say their food tastes like crap. Bailey insisted that the food would not taste like crap.

Bailey and Jo Wilson operated. Duncan’s bowel was perforated and there was leaking in his abdominal cavity which was ultimately resolved and the surgery was successful.



Zach MischerEdit

Duncan is married to Zach Mischer.


Duncan is a restaurant critic. He once gave a negative review of a restaurant Miranda Bailey loved, Zane’s, saying that they over-salt everything.

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