Donna Kaufman is a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with terminal pancreatic cancer.



When scans revealed that her cancer was terminal, Meredith Grey suggested that they do surgery to relieve her obstruction and deaden the nerves in the area to make the pain more manageable.


When she accepted that she was going to die, she began to seek out women to be with her lover, Stan after her death. She interviewed at least three women, including Lenore.



Victor KaufmanEdit

Donna was married to Victor for 30 years when they discovered that the spark had left their marriage. However, they were still each other's best friends and very much loved each other, so they remained married.


After she and Victor agreed that they would stay married, despite not being in love anymore, they both found outside lovers. Donna found Stan. Stan had never been in love before like he was with Donna and didn’t believe anyone could replace her after she dies.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • During her hospitalization, she was patient 2891-1919.
  • In the season 12 episode Something Against You, Jackson is working on patient files on a computer and one of them is a patient named Donna Kaufman.