Donna is the mother of Judi.


Donna is the mother of Judi. She disapproved of Judi's boyfriend, which caused them to lose contact with each other for a year. When Judi contacted her again, Donna was surprised to learn that Judi had given birth to a boy, Henry, and had given him up for adoption.

When Judi met with Addison Montgomery at the park with Henry, Donna went along, wanting to meet her grandson. She was allowed to hold him.



Donna has a daughter, Judi. After they reconciled, Donna told Judi that she should have told her she was pregnant, as she could have helped her through it. It was Donna who gave Judi the courage to contact Addison after eight months.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She said Henry looks exactly like Judi did when she was his age.

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