Don Glazier is the father of Nathan Glazier, a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Nathan's Synthetic GraftEdit

Don's son, Nathan, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. As an infant, he had surgery to place a synthetic conduit in his heart to divert the blood flow. However, his body rejected the conduit. While they fought the rejection, the doctors looked for other options.

Nathan's Printed ConduitEdit

Shane found research from Japan where they were 3D printing conduits and seeding them with the patients' own cells to prevent rejection. He suggested it for Nathan. Cristina initially rejected it, but agreed to try it when Nathan went into heart failure. ("Two Against One")

Because of the interest in Nathan's surgery, the doctors asked for his parents' consent to live-stream his surgery so interested doctors could watch. They were reluctant because they wanted the focus to be on Nathan, but Cristina assured them Nathan would be her only focus, so they agreed.

After his surgery was completed, they were upset because they weren't able to hold him right away, but they were later told the conduit appeared to be working and Nathan was able to come off the oscillator. ("Man on the Moon")

Ashley later sent Cristina a picture of Nathan, home from the hospital and healthy. ("Take It Back")



He is married to Ashley Glazier.


His son, Nathan, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He received a 3D printed conduit seeded with his own cells to treat it, the first surgery of its kind in the US.