Devin came into the hospital after an espresso machine exploded, injuring him.


Devin was injured at a coffee shop when an espresso machine exploded, pushing him across the building. He had shrapnel in his arm and chest and had an open proximal humerus fracture. Meredith had Owen and Teddy paged.

Devin's injuries were assessed and he was taken into surgery for a thoracotomy. Teddy removed the shrapnel from his chest while Callie fixed his arms.

His lung and shoulder injuries were repaired, but he was advised that he'd need rehab.



While he was in the ER, Devin was worried about Angie, his barista. He believed that she liked him because she put designs in his coffee each morning and he believed that him being there distracted her and that's what caused the accident. He had a drink sent to her while they were hospitalized. However, it turned out that corporate required her to do that to all the drinks she served and she didn't know whom Devin was at all. He was disappointed to learn that.


According to Devin, his parents are old, so he didn't want to worry them.

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