MVO: Human beings need a lot of things to feel alive.

(Cut to Denny's heart monitor flat lined completely and Denny appears to be lying on his bed dead)

George Voice Over: Family ...

Cristina Voice Over: love, ...

Izzie Voice Over: sex.

(The camera returns to Denny's heart monitor completely flat lined)

Derek Voice Over: But we only need one thing ...

Burke Voice Over: to actually be alive.

(The scene cuts to the camera slowly panning upwards to show Derek standing by himself leaning over the railings of a balcony overlooking the hospital floor below him)

Cristina Voice Over: We need a beating heart.

(Cut back to the outside of the hospital where Bailey is trying to remove Burke's top off him. Burke still remains motionless)

Addison Voice Over: When our heart is threatened ...

Alex Voice Over: we respond in one of two ways:

(The camera pans up close on Burke's face who just kinda stares at nothing)

George Voice Over: We either run …

Derek Voice Over: or ...

Izzie Voice Over: we attack.

(Burke all of a sudden starts moving appearing shocked and startled)

Richard Voice Over: There's a scientific term for this:

Alex Voice Over: Fight ...

Addison Voice Over: ... or flight.

Bailey Voice Over: It's instinct.

(Cut to Bailey yelling at some people to help over with her and move Burke but you can't hear anything but silence and the voiceovers)

MVO: We can't control it.

(Cut to the heart monitor flat lined in Denny's room which is finally making that long drawn out sound. All of a sudden it makes a beep noise and a bar comes up to show a heartbeat)

Izzie Voice Over: Or can we?

(The camera fades into Denny's room where Denny's heart monitor is back to being flat lined. Izzie stands motionless holding a pair of scissors in one hand and one half of the cut LVAD wire in the other. George is standing at the door shocked)

GEORGE (softly): Izzie.

(Monitors are beeping loudly and Denny's heart monitor is still appears flat lined. Izzie still doesn't move. George moves and pushes Izzie to the side walks up to the head of Denny's bedside)

GEORGE: Izzie, his heart's barely beating. We need to call a code. (Izzie shakes out of her stupor and starts moving. George starts putting a mask over Denny) I can't feel a pulse. Izzie, we need to call a code!

(Izzie grabs George and moves him away from Denny)

IZZIE: No! I have a plan!

(George tries to push back to Denny)

GEORGE: He's crashing. I need to call a code!

(Izzie just roughly pushes George back)

IZZIE (hysterical): No! If we call a code (George finally stops pushing) they will rush him to surgery and replace his LVAD and then he will stabilize. (She fixes a pump to the place where she cut the wire and starts pumping) He needs to get worse if he's gonna get this heart.

GEORGE: Izzie, this is crazy!

IZZIE: He has to get this heart. He will die waiting for another chance. You know he will.

GEORGE (tries to push past her, loud): We have to call a code!

IZZIE (screams): No!

(She shoves George against a wall roughly dropping the pump)

IZZIE: You press that code button; I will hurt you! Not a lot because we're friends but enough so things will break (She thumps him again against the wall) and you lie out on the floor out of my way!

(George tries to push back but Izzie holds tough)

GEORGE: Izzie. Izzie.

IZZIE (slightly hysterical): You have a decision to make. You can stay here and help me with this or you can go! What's it gonna be George?

(Cut down to the Pit where ER doctors are wheeling in a few victims from 'crazy Pete's' round 2 shooting rampage. Cristina enters tying up a yellow gown on her self. Richard walks into the Pit also putting on a gown)

CRISTINA: Chief! How bad is it? It looks bad. Um, I'm here. I can help. Um if there's anything surgical I can help.

RICHARD: Why don't you go run Trauma 2, Dr. Yang?

CRISTINA (amazed): I get to run Trauma 2 all by myself?

RICHARD: Yes, but find me if you need help and get consults!

CRISTINA (excited): I'm on it.

(She rushes off and Richard starts walking away to the double doors to the outside of the pit looking concerned. Bailey comes in with 2 paramedics wheeling Dr. Burke on a gurney)

RICHARD: How bad is he?

DR. BAILEY: Uh GSW to the right shoulder. He's lost a lot of blood.

RICHARD: All right, get him to Trauma 1 (Bailey nods) and keep the blinds closed. Yang's on the floor.

(They start wheeling him off as Bailey looks shocked and keeps on walking)

(Cut to Trauma 2 where Cristina and several other doctors are attending to a patient shot)

ER RESIDENT: Self-inflicted GSW to the head. Pulse is threaded.

CRISTINA: This guy's the shooter?

ER RESIDENT: Yep, emptied his clip and shot himself.

CRISTINA: And blew off half his head. Okay. Okay. Um push one of epi and get him on the monitor.

ER RESIDENT: You're running this?

CRISTINA (smiles): Damn right I am.

(Cut to Burke lying on a gurney in Trauma room 1. Bailey and Richard are checking him as are several other ER people. Burke tries to sit up)

DR. BURKE: I'm fine.

(Bailey, Richard and a nurse attempt to push him back down)

RICHARD: You need to lay down. You've lost a lot of blood.

DR. BURKE (struggles against them and speaks to Richard): I'm fine! Let- let go. I'm fine. I have a patient I need to go check on.

DR. BAILEY: No! (Burke looks over at her) You are the patient. Lay down!

(Burke lies back down on the gurney and starts half chuckling)

DR. BURKE: Dr. Bailey, when did you get here?

(Bailey and Richard exchange significant looks)

RICHARD: Page Shepherd.


(Cut to Cristina's Trauma room 2 where the blinds are open. The heart monitor is beeping rapidly for Petey, the shooter. The camera shows outside Derek walking quickly past the trauma room. He opens a door opposite to the door to trauma room 1, which happens to be directly across from trauma room 2. He walks in leaving the door open. You can see Burke lying shot on the gurney. The camera swishes across to see Cristina pumping the amp-blue bag but staring through the window into Burke's trauma room)

CRISTINA (to ER resident): Take over compressions.

(She rushes out of the trauma room and opens the door to Burke’s trauma room which was now closed. She stands at the doorway and watches Derek, Bailey and Richard attend to him)

CRISTINA (in shock): You’re shot?

DR. BURKE (lifts himself up slightly): Cristina?

RICHARD: Get back to your patient Yang.

CRISTINA: He’s shot?

DR. BAILEY: Ya- ya- Yang! We got it, it’s okay.

CRISTINA (turns to leave, upset): That guy shot you!

(Cut to Cristina entering trauma room 2. She pushes the ER resident out of the way)


ER RESIDENT: He’s a lost cause.


ER RESIDENT: He’s circling the drain.

(Cristina starts performing CPR)

CRISTINA (upset): You don’t get to kill yourself. You do not get off that easily. Push high dose epi.


CRISTINA (annoyed): What?!? (she turns back to compressions) I want to be able to tell his family that I did everything I could to save his pathetic miserable life. (to a nurse, loud) Give him 3 of epi! Now!



(All the O.R team led by Dr. Hahn are just standing around awaiting Burke’s return. Alex is there also)

ALEX: We should be hearing from Dr. Burke any minute.

DR. HAHN (scoffs): That’s what you said half an hour ago. (Alex glances at the clock) Well whether or not we hear from him we hit that hour mark, I’m going in to get my heart.

(Alex just remains silent)



(Derek is holding a gauze bandage to Burke’s shoulder, who is lying on his side. Bailey is next to Derek checking Burke’s back. Richard is on the other side of the bed watching them)

DR. BAILEY: Okay no, no exit wound.

DR. SHEPHERD: Entry upper right shoulder. (to Richard) Could be lodged in the spine.


DR. SHEPHERD: Okay let’s roll him over.


(All three of them start to gently roll Burke onto his back)

DR. SHEPHERD: Okay. Watch the arm.


DR. SHEPHERD: Hey. Dr. Burke?

DR. BURKE (out of it): Mmm?

DR. SHEPHERD: The bullet is in dangerous property here, okay? We need to check your hand function.

RICHARD: I want you to try and squeeze my finger okay?

(Richard places his finger in Burke’s hand)


(Nothing happens. They all exchange worried looks. Cristina enters)

CRISTINA: They moved my guy upstairs. How is he?

DR. BAILEY: I need you to wait outside.

CRISTINA: No, I’m not going to wait outside. (she pushes past Bailey and takes his other hand in hers) Burke.

(They look at each other and then Burke looks at Derek who is doing an ultrasound his shoulder)

DR. BURKE: Can we have a moment?

(Derek just looks at Richard for an answer. Richard speaks to Cristina)

RICHARD: Only a moment. I don’t want to waste any time. Hmm?

(Cristina nods and the room empties only leaving Burke and Cristina. Cristina is still holding his hand and she strokes his head with her other hand)

DR. BUKRE (murmurs): Cristina.

CRISTINA (softly spoken): Honey, you don’t have to say anything. I know you’re sorry. I know you didn’t mean to kick me off the transplant and I’m not mad. I mean I was but I’m not anymore. So don’t worry about it. Don’t even think about it, okay? (Burke kinda nods with his eyes. Cristina speaks heartfelt) I mean all that matters is you get better and that you get through this. And I’m here for you. Whatever you need. Anything.

DR. BURKE: I need … you to (Cristina nods encouragingly) … to check on Denny Duquette.

(Cristina just stares at him for a moment)

CRISTINA (a little stunned): Okay.

DR. BURKE: Mmm hmm.

CRISTINA (leans back forth and whispers): Okay that was my best supportive girlfriend and you kind of ruined it with medicine. Okay.

(Cristina moves to leave the room)

(Cut to Adele, Richard’s wife in the Pit. She pulls aside a curtain that is concealing a bed. Addison dressed as if she’s about to go home, walks up to her)

ADELE: Addison. Thank you for meeting us.

(The camera shows a young 17 year old black girl looking sad lying upright on the bed in a maroon prom dress)

ADDISON: You wanna tell me what’s so important I’m keeping it secret from my Chief of Surgery?

ADELE: I was chaperoning a prom for my niece. We had a little bit of a situation.

(Addison picks up the chart in front of Camille’s bed and starts reading)

ADDISON: Camille Travis. 17. Lost consciousness during sexual intercourse?

ADELE: Oh keep it down.

(Adele shuts the curtain behind them)

CAMILLE: It’s okay Aunt Adele. I’m fine.

ADELE: When your uncle Richard finds out you were cashing in your v-card. (she shakes her head) None of us will be fine!

CLAIRE: Camille!

(One of her friends calls out from behind the curtain. Two friends of Camille pull open the curtain and step in. One is named Claire, with red hair. The other is named Natalie a young black girl. Both are in prom dresses and looking concerned. A young guy in a tux also comes up with them, Brian, Camille’s boyfriend)

NATALIE: Oh Mrs. Webber!

CLAIRE: Oh my god is she okay?

CLAIRE: No one can die from having sex right?

NATALIE (at the same time): She has to be. It was her first time.

BRIAN (to Adele): You’re not going to tell my parents right? (Adele just sighs and looks at Camille) I mean I even used a condom (Adele gasps shocked at him) and everything.

(Camille sighs and puts her head back on the pillow in embarrassment)

(Cut to Denny’s room where Denny is lying on the bed appearing to be unconscious. Izzie is sitting at his bedside manually pumping his heart now the LVAD is disconnected. George is at the computer on the other side overlooking Denny’s vitals. Meredith opens the door and steps in)

MEREDITH: George’s page said it was an emergency.

(George rushes up to her and closes the door behind her)

IZZIE: You paged Meredith?

GEORGE: We need help!

MEREDITH: What the hell is going on?

(Cristina opens the door and steps into the room closing the door behind her and takes in the scene before her)

CRISTINA: What the hell is going on?

MEREDITH: Exactly what I said.

GEORGE: She cut his LVAD wires!

MEREDITH (alarmed): What do you mean she cut his LVAD wires?

CRISTINA (stern): Are you trying to kill him?

IZZIE: I’m trying to save him. All I have to do is confirm that his condition is worse and then Burke can call UNOS (Cristina runs her hands through her hair at this) and he’ll move up on the list. And he’ll get his heart.

CRISTINA (softly so no one hears her, leaning against the wall): About Burke …

GEORGE (panicked to Meredith): She’s gone insane right? It’s not just me?

CRISTINA (a little louder): About Burke …

IZZIE (yells): Everything will be fine!

(George and Meredith stare at her aghast)


IZZIE: When Burke gets here, everything will be fine! (Cristina just looks upset) He will know what to do!

CRISTINA (loud so everyone hears): About Burke…

GEORGE (turns and yells): What?

CRISTINA (upset and teary-eyed): He’s been shot!


(Scene now switches to George pumping Denny’s heart. Izzie is off to the side her hands in her hair pacing around looking distraught. Cristina is also pacing near the doorway. Meredith is just standing on the other side of the bed assessing the whole situation)

IZZIE (panicked): Burke’s not coming.

MEREDITH: Cristina, are you okay?

CRISTINA: I’m fine. I’m fine.

IZZIE: Burke’s not coming.

GEORGE (to himself): Why didn’t I take the internship in San Diego? No one of this would be happening if I was in San Diego.

IZZIE: Burke’s not coming!

CRISTINA (upset): No Izzie! Burke is not coming. I know you’re having problems here what with your possible murder charges and your unbelievably stupid idea of stealing a heart but Burke’s kind of busy right now!

IZZIE: Denny’s gonna die. Denny’s gonna die and I killed him.

(She sits down on the chair devastated)

GEORGE (turns to her and yells): You shouldn’t have done it!


GEORGE (calmer): We have to tell someone.

MEREDITH: No! Denny won’t get the heart and Izzie will get kicked out of the program!

CRISTINA: Uh uh, I’m leaving.


MEREDITH: Cristina!

CRISTINA: You know Burke could die too! Complications arise all the time because of gunshot wounds. (to Izzie) You think about that.

IZZIE (just looks down crying): Oh my god.

CRISTINA: Oh you know what none of this would’ve happened if you were thinking with your head!

IZZIE (yells): I did what I thought was best!

GEORGE (yells): Did you think about the rules? Did you think about the rules for one second?

(Meredith is just standing facing the wall looking tired and trying to figure out what to do)

IZZIE (screams): I did what I thought was best!

(George and Cristina yell at the same time)

MEREDITH (spins around and yells): Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! (They all fall silent) No one is leaving and no one is dying.

DENNY: Thank you. (The camera shows he is now conscious) It was kind of getting on my nerves all this dying talk.

IZZIE (looks up from the couch and whispers): Denny.

DENNY: It’s okay. I think ah we should all listen to Meredith. It looks like she might have a plan.

(Izzie stands up quickly)

IZZIE (eagerly): You have a plan?

MEREDITH (pacing): Just give me a minute.

(Cut to Addison checking on Camille who now is in a hospital gown in her own private room. Claire, Natalie & Adele all sit outside waiting. Brian is standing up pacing the hallway on his mobile)

ADELE: You girls should go back to the prom.

CLAIRE: Are you going to call Camille’s parents?

ADELE: Not until I have to. You know her mom, she gets a little hysterical.

(Adele notices Richard walking up to the nearby nurses’ station)

ADELE: Brian disappear.

BRIAN: What?

ADELE: Disappear. Go! Disappear. (she stands up and moves over to stand in front of the window on the door where Camille is) Richard!

(Brian looks over and sees Richard and quickly walks around the corner of the hallway so Richard can’t see him)

ADELE: Richard.

RICHARD: Adele. (he walks up to her) Um what are you here to see Preston?

ADELE: Preston? No. What happened to Preston?

RICHARD: Preston was shot.

ADELE (lets out a little gasp): Preston was shot?

(Richard nods and manages to see over Adele’s shoulder where he sees Camille sitting on the hospital bed)

RICHARD: Camille? What- what happened to Camille?

ADELE: Richard-

RICHARD (interrupts): Why didn’t you call me?

ADELE: She’s 17, sweetheart. She’ll be 18 in a few months. Most girls lose it at-

RICHARD (interrupts): Ah ah! You think I wanna hear that? You think I wanna picture my baby niece (he whispers) losing it?

ADELE: Richard, Richard, take deep breaths. (Addison walks up over to them as they’re now standing at the doorway across from Camille’s room)

ADDISON: Well the bleeding has stopped but her pelvic exam does concern me. I’d like to do an ultrasound.

(Adele shoots a worried look at Richard)

RICHARD: 3 years ago Camille was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The only removed one ovary to try and preserve fertility. (Addison nods slightly) But her check-ups have been clean since then.

ADDISON: Okay. Well, let’s not worry until we have to.

(Addison leaves)

(Richard and Adele look at each other sad. Richard looks over to the hallway and notices Brian walking there)

RICHARD: You! You wait right there! I want to talk to you! (Adele makes a gesture from him to run) I said wait! (Brian starts to move away) Stop!

(Brian runs down the hallway past the corner. Richard chases after him. Adele chases after Richard)

RICHARD: I said stop!

ADELE: Richard, take deep breaths! Richard!

(Cut back to Denny’s room where George is still the one pumping Denny’s heart. Izzie is now standing next to him. Cristina is leaning against the door of the room. Meredith is standing at the end of Denny’s bed on the other side)

GEORGE: Oh that’s a stupid plan.

MEREDITH (walks over to them): Well if Burke isn’t coming then we have to confirm Denny’s condition ourselves. We get the blood work. We do the echo and no one has to even know what Izzie did.

IZZIE: But none of us have ever done an echo on our own before.

MEREDITH: Cristina has, Burke taught her.

(Izzie looks at Cristina hopefully)

CRISTINA (shakes her head): I’m not involved.

IZZIE (walks over to Cristina): What if this were Burke? What if you were me?

CRISTINA (points to Denny, speaks softly): This is bad. This is bad. It’s serious and it’s against a lot of rules. So under me. I don’t want to play.

IZZIE: What if you were me?

CRISTINA: Well I wouldn’t have fallen in love with a patient.

IZZIE: You fell in love with an attending.

CRISTINA: Well- well so did Mer! What’s the point?

MEREDITH: The point is we can’t help you fall in love with.

GEORGE (scoffs): Yeah.

(Meredith flinches and looks down)

IZZIE: Yeah.

(Cristina remains silent)

(Cut to Burke still lying in trauma 1. Derek is in there one side. Richard is standing on the other. Derek takes Burke’s hand in his)

DR. SHEPHERD: His hand’s cold.

DR. BURKE (softly): My hands are always cold.

(Richard checks Burke’s hand as well)

RICHARD: Your hand is cold Preston.

DR. BURKE (softly): I have cold hands.

(Derek picks up an x-ray of his arm and takes it over to a light board. He places it on and switches on the light. Richard is standing next to him)

(Derek sighs)

RICHARD: Well it could be lodged in the brachial plexus. It’s dangerous.

DR. SHEPHERD: Yeah it’s very dangerous.

(The camera moves over to Burke who is murmuring)

DR. BURKE: My hands are always cold. I’m always cold.

(All of sudden Burke’s heart monitor starts beeping rapidly. Richard and Derek move over to him immediately)

DR. SHEPHERD: Trachea’s deviated to the right. (to a nurse) Give me foot. Beta 9.

RICHARD: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

DR. SHEPHERD: Engaging angio.

RICHARD: Let’s hurry.

(Derek pierces Burke’s chest making a small hole. He places a small tube in there to allow the air to escape. A nurse has placed an oxygen mask over Burke’s face. Burke now let’s out a small breath of air. The monitors stop beeping fast)

DR. SHEPHERD (loud): Dr. Burke! Dr. Burke! You’ve got to stay with me now, okay?

(Burke lets out a large breath of air, coughing a lit)

DR. SHEPHERD: There we go. That’s it. There you go. You’re all right. We’re right here. Your lung collapsed. You’re okay. (Derek looks thrown a little by what happened) You’re okay now.

(Cut to Mercy West’s OR where Dr. Hahn and her team are still waiting to start. Alex is standing to the side away from the others on the phone in the O.R)

ALEX (softly): He’s been shot! Dude!

MEREDITH: We’re going to have to run these tests ourselves.

(The camera quickly shows Meredith on a mobile in Denny’s room with the others in the background prepping Denny for tests. It switches back to Alex)

ALEX: UNOS gave us an hour. In a couple of minutes our time is up. (Cut’s back to Meredith) I’m telling you this chick is hardcore. She’s not going to wait.

MEREDITH: Okay, okay you just have to stall her.

ALEX (sighs): I’m not getting involved with this! (Cut’s back to Alex on the phone) Look I don’t care if that- that drawling bed whiner ever gets a heart.

MEREDITH: Alex. (Cut’s to Meredith) Do this. (Cuts back to Alex) For Izzie.

(Alex looks contemplative and slightly nods even though Meredith can’t see him)

ALEX: I’m not guarantying anything!

(Cut to Camille’s room where Addison is doing an ultrasound on Camille’s abdomen. Natalie and Claire are standing on the other side of Camille’s bed)

NATALIE: So, was it totally romantic?

CLAIRE: Yeah, before the pain and the paramedics and everything?

(Addison glances at them trying not to smile)

(Camille smiles and lets out a little giggle)

CAMILLE: Okay so … you know that feeling when you look into someone’s eyes and you’re totally comfortable (Claire and Natalie nod eagerly) and you aren’t self-conscious (Addison looks at the screen concerned) and everything is just like perfect?

(They all smile and giggle a little. Camille rests her head against the pillow)

ADDISON: Camille, have you had any symptoms um any abdominal pain? Nausea? Anything?

(Camille sits up looking scared at Addison)

CLAIRE: No, she’s been fine.

ADDISON: You haven’t been fine, have you?

CAMILLE (shakes her head slightly): No, not for like a month or so.

NATALIE (shocked): You’ve been feeling sick for a month?

CAMILLE: I wanted to go to prom. I- I- I didn’t want to be the girl with cancer again.

CLAIRE: You’re not. She’s not, right?

(They all look over at Addison who remains silent. Camille tries not to cry as she rests her head back on her pillow)

(Cut to Adele who is sitting outside Camille’s room looking thoughtful. Addison walks up to her)


ADELE (lets out a sigh): I was just trying to remember the night I lost my virginity.


ADELE: And I can’t.

ADDISON (smiles understandingly): Mmm.

ADELE: I remember who it was with and

ADDISON (she moves over and sits next to Adele): Mmm.

ADELE: I remember I was 18 but I can’t remember any of the details.

ADDISON: I can remember all of the details. Kind of wish I couldn’t.

ADELE: That bad?

ADDISON: No. Just not good. Good came later. (she smiles) And then really good came.

ADELE (smiles and lets out a chuckle): That little girl in there is just getting started. (teary eyed) She hasn’t even seen what good is yet. Please, Addison. Tell me she’s gonna have a chance to see what the good stuff is. (Addison just looks sad and down. She looks up at Adele with a telling look. Adele sighs trying not to cry) Oh!

ADDISON (takes her hand in her own): I’m so sorry Adele.

(Cut to Denny’s room where Izzie is now pumping Denny’s heart. Cristina is on the other side performing the echo. George and Meredith are sitting down on Cristina’s side of the bed getting stuff ready for more tests)

IZZIE: How’s his heart looking?

CRISTINA: His left ventricle is shot and he’s barely pushing blood out.

IZZIE: I’m sorry. I know that you’re worried about Burke.

CRISTINA: You know whatever, its fine.

IZZIE: Cristina, can’t you just try to understand? I love him.

(Cristina looks over at her in disbelief)

CRISTINA: You don’t even know him!

IZZIE (imploringly): I do know him.

CRISTINA: No. You’ve never even seen him outside the 4 walls of this hospital. You don’t know him.

IZZIE (a little angry): I know him! Maybe I don’t live with him or work with him like you do with Burke but I do know him. And there’s (she shakes her head) there’s possibility here. And- and given the choice of running or staying.

CRISTINA: You should run! A sane person (Izzie just looks at her in disbelief), a person who values her career and (Izzie just shakes her head) everything she’s worked for. A person who values her own heart for God’s sake, that person would run.

DENNY (opens his eyes and turns to Izzie): The same person would marry me.

(George looks up at this. Izzie stares at Denny)

IZZIE: What? What did you say? (Denny has closed his eyes again. to Cristina) What did he say?

(Cristina just looks at the echo screen)

IZZIE: He said marry me? (to George and Meredith) He said marry me right?

GEORGE: He did.

IZZIE: Denny, wake up. (Denny’s eyes just remain closed) Denny.

(All of a sudden his heart monitors start beeping rapidly. Cristina looks concerned. George and Meredith stand and rush over to them)

GEORGE: What’s happening?

IZZIE: I’m pumping harder, I don’t know.

(George quickly moves to put oxygen mask over his face. Cristina moves to Izzie’s side and checks his heart beat. Meredith checks his pulse)

MEREDITH: He’s flat lined.

IZZIE: No, no, no. He’s not flat lined. There’s movement in his heart. Okay, um let’s- let’s shock him. (Izzie and Cristina grab the crash cart and move it closer to them)

CRISTINA: Charge the defibrillator.

IZZIE: Ventilate George!


(George intubates and the connected amp-blue bag and starts ventilating. Meredith is continuing pumping Denny’s heart)

IZZIE: Charge to 200!


(She places a white pad with electrodes connected to the machine)

IZZIE: Yeah.

(She moves back to the machine)

IZZIE: Clear!

(Denny gets shocked)

(Cut to Mercy West, outside the O.R. door where Dr. Hahn and Alex are talking)

DR. HAHN: Is Dr. Burke alive?

ALEX: Yes.

DR. HAHN: Shame. He’d probably would have made a good donor.

(She opens the door and heads back into the O.R with Alex following her. She walks up to the patient)

DR. HAHN: Okay people, let’s get our organs and get out of here.

ALEX: Hey, the heart is not yours yet. Seattle Grace is waiting for test results.

DR. HAHN: Well I’m not. 10 blade. (a nurse hands her one)

ALEX: You can’t do that.

(Hahn just makes an incision in the donor’s chest)

DR. HAHN: I just did.

(Cut to Richard walking down the stairs in SGH to the 2nd floor waiting area which is filled with people dressed up from Prom. Richard walks over to where Claire and Natalie are standing)


CLAIRE: Um I called Gillian and-

NATALIE: I called Tessa.

CLAIRE: And then they called Simon and Bianca and Deborah.

RICHARD (looking frustrated): Girls-

NATALIE (interrupts): It’s her prom Dr. Webber. She can’t miss her whole prom so we like brought it to her.

RICHARD (looks down for a moment and then speaks loudly so everyone can here): Kids. Kids. Listen up. Look I know you wanted to see Camille, why don’t you come back to tomorrow during the day? (Natalie and Claire look at him disappointed) In smaller groups.

(All the other kids look disappointed as well and start leaving)

RICHARD (to Natalie and Claire): Look I’m sorry girls. I can’t have a bunch of teenagers running in the hallways. People are sick. People are dy-

CLAIRE (interrupts nodding upset): Dying. Yeah we know.

(Richard just walks off)

(Cut to Burke now lying in his own patient room. He has major trouble flexing his fingers of his arm. Derek walks in)

DR. SHEPHERD: How you doing?

DR. BURKE: I’m developing numbness in my hand. Fourth and fifth fingers.

(Derek checks them quickly)

DR. SHEPHERD (looks at computer screen in front of Burke’s bed): Yeah there’s a pseudo-aneurysm in the sub-clavian artery. You know the drill. (he starts gently poking Burke’s fingers with the needle of an injection) Wait a few days. Maybe the aneurysm won’t grow.

DR. BURKE: Yeah but if it stays this size it’s too much damage.

DR. SHEPHERD: We’ll just go in there and fix it. Relieve the compression on the nerves.

DR. BURKE: But the operation could cause damage to the nerves.

(Derek pulls back and looks at Burke)


DR. BURKE: Then I could lose function of the entire arm.

DR. SHEPHERD (nods): Yes. (he clears his throat) Mmm.

DR. BURKE: Can you do this? Are you good enough to do this?

(Derek is silent for a moment before he turns to look at Burke)

DR. SHEPHERD: I think so.

DR. BURKE: But you're not sure.

DR. SHEPHERD: I'm not sure.

(Burke is silent for a moment and closes his eyes)

DR. BURKE: So, what do I do?

(Derek smiles slightly)

DR. SHEPHERD: It’s not like you to ask those kinds of questions.

DR. BURKE: It’s not like you to not have the answers.

(Derek just looks down)

(Cut to Adele walking upset down the hallway up to Richard who is standing at a nurses’ station)

ADELE: How dare you send those kids away?

(Richard glances briefly at the nurses’ station before pulling Adele over to the side)

RICHARD: Adele. Please. You’re emotional, okay?

(Adele pulls her arm from him letting out a little gasp)

ADELE (very upset): I just told my sister her baby’s cancer is back. You’re damn right I’m emotional. If you don’t wanna bend your precious rules for Camille, fine. Don’t do it for her. Do it for me. Do it for your wife who never asks you for anything. Who says nothing about your long hours! Who looks the other way while you have an affair with another woman! (Richard closes his eyes seemingly shocked at this) Who sobered you up when that woman left you! Who stayed with you when everyone- everyone said I would be better off alone! I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. You’re going to make this up to Camille. You’re going to prioritize the needs of your family above those of your other patients. Or … you’re going to find a new place to sleep!

(Adele walks off upset leaving Richard looking after her)

(Cut to Derek walking down a hallway with Addison a few feet behind)


DR. SHEPHERD: Not now Addison.


DR. SHEPHERD: Not now!

(Addison stops walking looking on after him as Derek continues on)

(Cut to Derek quickly entering what seems to be an empty waiting room. He turns around, putting his arms on the door and sighs)

RICHARD: There’s never a good place to hide in this hospital.

(Derek turns around quickly and sees Richard sitting on a couch holding a cup of coffee. Derek just sighs and walks over to sit next to Richard. He sighs again loudly. Richard just stares straight ahead at the wall in front of him looking slightly teary-eyed)

DR. SHEPHERD: I'm trying to get perspective. It feels enormous, like it's all- I- I- I can’t get perspective.

RICHARD: My niece's cancer has come back. She’s 17 years old and she’s gonna die. (he’s silent for a moment) … Plus … 25 years ago I had a secret affair with … Ellis Grey. (Derek looks up at him at this) And today I find out that my wife knew the entire time. (Derek sighs and sits back into the couch) There was no secret. And she stayed with me.

(Derek wipes his face)

DR. SHEPHERD: I respect him, you know? Dr. Burke, I- I respect him. He’s decent. He’s honorable. An arrogant ass who just hogs the O.R and thinks he’s God but … he’s decent and he’s honorable. I respect him. (he leans forward again) He’s one of the foremost cardiothoracic surgeons in the country and I’ve gotta just … (he shakes his head) It’s his hand. I can not get perspective. I can’t do this. I can’t be responsible for him.

RICHARD: Preston is an honorable and decent man but Derek, so are you. (Derek just shakes his head) You are honorable and decent and you’re too honorable and decent to run. (Derek just remains silent and Richard looks at the coffee cup in his hands) You don’t know how much I wish this was bourbon.

(He sips his coffee)

(Cut to Burke is his ICU patient room. Bailey walks in looking caring and up to his bedside)

DR. BAILEY: Anything I can get for you Dr. Burke?

DR. BURKE: No, I'm fine.

DR. BAILEY: There- there must be something.

DR. BURKE: Uh it would be nice to have some ice chips. And ah a touch of morphine if I'm allowed. … And ah … … Cristina.

DR. BAILEY (softly): Coming right up. (She starts to walk out of the room but stops at the doorway) Where is Cristina? Where are- where are all of the suck ups?

DR. BURKE: Excuse me?

DR. BAILEY (loudly): My interns. My ass-kissing, surgery-hungry, competitive suck-ups. Where are they? Why aren’t they here fetching you ice chips and morphine? Why aren't they here sucking up? (Burke remains silent and tries to avoid Bailey’s gaze which she notices) You know something.

DR. BURKE (raises his eyebrows): I'm a patient.

DR. BAILEY (walks up to him): Preston Xavier Burke, what have you done with my suck-ups?!

(Cut to Denny’s room where his heart monitor is still beeping like crazy. Meredith is still pumping his heart and George is still ventilating. Izzie stands next to the crash cart as does Cristina)

IZZIE (panicked): What do we do?! What do we do?!?

MEREDITH: I’m starting dopamine and dobutamine drips. (Meredith hands the pump over to Izzie and rushes over to get the drips started. Denny is conscious. George removes the ventilator) We can use those together right? What about milroom?

IZZIE: I don’t know.

(Cristina starts to put her stethoscope on to check Denny’s heart)

CRISTINA: You know none of us know so just charge up the dobutamine and dopamine.

GEORGE: What about seretide? That might help.

(George places an oxygen mask over Denny who tries to speak but is muffled by the mask)

DENNY (muffled, gasping for air): I feel like my throat is about to erupt.

MEREDITH (looks at the monitor): Heart rate is 217.

(Cristina looks over at the monitor and then listens to the heart beat)

IZZIE (panicked): He’s in SVT!

CRISTINA: No! Izzie, stop pumping. Stop.

GEORGE: No, there’s no change.

(Meredith is rummaging through some drawers on the cart Izzie brought in)

MEREDITH: We need that medicine.

IZZIE (loud): What medicine?

MEREDITH: I’ll know it when I see it.

GEORGE: I think that- the one that stops the heart. (to Cristina) Here hold the mask. (George gets out a small text book from his pocket)

(Denny mumbles incoherently through the oxygen mask)

DENNY (trying to remove the mask): No. Please keep my heart beating.

IZZIE (moves over to him to keep the mask on): No. It only stops your heart for 6 seconds.

GEORGE: Meredith it’s Adenosine!

(The heart monitor starts beating even faster)

CRISTINA: Uh his heart is speeding up guys!

IZZIE (upset and panicked): You guys we need to do something! He can not take this for much longer!

GEORGE: What about shocking him?

CRISTINA: I don’t think-

MEREDITH (interrupts standing up): I found it.

(She hands the medicine over to George)

GEORGE: Cristina, come over here.


(She starts to make her way over to George’s side)

GEORGE: Lift up his arm! The nurses’ always lift up the arm when they push adenosine.

(George grabs a tube and brings the injection to the tube. Cristina lifts up his arm)

GEORGE: Gets to the heart faster.

IZZIE: Okay, Denny you’re going to feel a little um-

DENNY (yells muffled through the mask): Izzie!

IZZIE: No it’s okay! Its okay, it just feels like-

DENNY (yells muffled): I’m gonna die!

IZZIE: You’re not going to die! I promise! It’s just the meds!

(the heart monitor starts to slow done)

CRISTINA: Okay we’re heading back to flat line. (to George) Are you sure we used the right drugs?

GEORGE: The book said it was the right one.

MEREDITH: I used the one I know.

(His monitor is still beeping fast)

IZZIE (panicked): He’s not going to die, right? (to George) Right? (to Cristina): Right?

(The monitor flat lines and Izzie turns to look at the screen. They all stare at the screen. All of a sudden the monitor starts beeping and Denny lets out a large gasp of air. They all look relieved and Izzie starts pumping his heart again)

DR. BAILEY: You fools (The camera reveals Dr. Bailey standing at the doorway) better have a good explanation for this.

(they all look over at Dr. Bailey where Nurse Olivia is standing behind her)

DR. BAILEY: Step away from the patient.

(they all move away from Denny’s bedside aside from Izzie who is still pumping his heart)

DR. BAILEY (louder): Step away from the patient!

IZZIE: I can’t. I have to pump his heart.

(Bailey notices the cut LVAD wire)

DR. BAILEY: Olivia, take over for Dr. Stevens. Izzie, you're done here. I need you to leave the room.

(They all glance at each other and watch as Olivia tentatively walks over to Izzie)

OLIVIA: Izzie ...

IZZIE (loud): No, do not touch me!

(Olivia looks over at Bailey who appears slightly shocked. She looks contemplative)

DR. BAILEY: Olivia, stay with Dr. Stevens. Help her if she'll let you. (barely controlled anger) You three, outside, now! (They all leave the room and stand outside the doorway. Bailey starts whispering with pure anger in her voice) Where was rational thought? Where was cognitive thinking? We're supposed to do no harm. The morals, the ethical, where was sanity when you three decided to help that girl?

MEREDITH: We didn’t-

DR. BAILEY (interrupts eyes wide): No, no, no. No speaking. Nobody speaks. I do not want to have to testify against any of you in a court of law. Not one word! (in disbelief) She cut his LVAD wire. (George groans softly) Look I said no speaking!

GEORGE (protests loudly): I didn't say anything!

DR. BAILEY: I said no moving! … Cristina, Burke is asking for you. Go! (Cristina leaves quickly) I’m assuming you ran labs? (Meredith and George remain silent) I'm asking a question. (they still don't speak) Answer me!

MEREDITH (quietly): You said no speaking.

DR. BAILEY I know what I said!

MEREDITH (quietly): Yes.

DR. BAILEY (Her voice starts cracking): O'Malley, get me the lab results. Do not pass go, do not talk to another living soul. Get the labs! Get back here! Grey … come with me.

(Cut to Cristina standing at the doorway of Burke’s ICU room looking concerned her arms crossed over her chest. Burke appears to be asleep. He opens his eyes and looks over at Cristina)

CRISTINA (walks into the room and speaks softly): How are you? You look good. (she picks up his chart and notices the computer next to his bedside) Are those your films? (she walks over to the computer and checks it. Burke just watches her) Oh, Burke.

DR. BURKE: Shepherd ah doesn’t know if he can fix my hand. Maybe I'll wait it out. See if this numbness subsides.

CRISTINA (still looking at the screen): Yeah.

DR. BURKE: Or I can let Shepherd operate.

(Cristina finally looks at Burke)

CRISTINA: Yeah, yeah.

(She looks at all the tubes sticking into his arms)

DR. BURKE: I could lose all hand function. What if I can never operate again?

CRISTINA (tears in her eyes): Yeah.

DR. BURKE: Cristina?


DR. BURKE: Stop saying ‘yeah’.


DR. BURKE: I need … I need … you said you were here … for me.

CRISTINA: Yeah. Oh sorry.

DR. BURKE: Cristina, I need you to tell me (tears choke his voice) what you think I should do.

(There is silence for a moment)

CRISTINA (looks panicked): I- (she glances over at the computer screen and then back at Burke) … … I- I told Dr. Bailey that I would be back. Okay? I told her that I wouldn’t be long. Okay?

(Cristina takes his chart back to the front of his bed)

DR. BURKE: Cristina …

CRISTINA: I’m- I’m gonna think about it. (Burke just looks upset) I’m gonna think about it. Okay?

(Burke nods slightly looking upset and Cristina leaves quickly)

(Cut to Cristina entering an empty on call room where she leans against the door and breathes deeply in and out trying to get a bearing on her emotions)

(Cut to Denny’s room where Izzie is still pumping his heart. Meredith is standing at the end of the bed. Bailey is standing on the other side of the bed across from Izzie looking over Denny’s chart. She hands the chart to Olivia who is standing next to her. Denny appears to be conscious)

DR. BAILEY: How you feeling Denny?

DENNY: Really, really good. Like an athlete or a superhero or some other kind of really healthy person.

IZZIE: You’re funny. You’re a funny guy.

MEREDITH (softly): Izzie, no speaking.

DENNY (to Bailey): I cut my own LVAD wires you know? I went rogue. (Izzie shakes her head) All by my self.

DR. BAILEY: Ssh. You’re weak enough as it is. Please don’t waste energy on lying.

(Cristina enters the room)

IZZIE: Dr. Bailey.

DR. BAILEY: I did indeed say no speaking.

IZZIE: I don’t care! (Bailey looks over at her) He’s gonna get the heart, right? You’re gonna sign the charts and talk to the transplant co-coordinator?

(George enters the room and hands Bailey some papers)

GEORGE: Here are the labs.

IZZIE: See. See his BUN and creatinine are increasing. He clearly has pulmonary oedema. He deserves to move up to 1A status on the transplant list. UNOS will give him the heart. You just need to call.

DR. BAILEY: Isobel Stevens I take my medical advice from Doctors. You are a visitor.

IZZIE: What?

DR. BAILEY: As of now you are a visitor in this hospital. You will not be a doctor in this hospital again until I decide you are! Olivia, take over the heart pump!

(Olivia walks over to Izzie’s side. Denny and Izzie share loving looks and Izzie keeps pumping. Olivia moves to take the pump but Izzie shies away. Izzie slowly passes the pump over to Olivia and steps aside. She looks at Bailey)

IZZIE: He gets the heart though, right?

(Cut to Richard standing in front of a nurses’ station. Bailey walks up to him)

DR. BAILEY: Sir, I need to ask you a hypothetical question.

RICHARD: Can you do this another time? (to the nurse at the station) Thank you.

(He starts to walk towards the stairs nearby and Bailey walks with him up the stairs)

DR. BAILEY: If someone on the staff deliberately unhooked a transplant candidate from his LVAD in an attempt to worsen his condition and get him moved up the donor list (she sounds scared) hypothetically, sir.

(They stop walking at the floor above)

RICHARD: I think you need to tell me exactly what's going on here, Doctor.

DR. BAILEY: Believe me sir you want this to stay a hypothetical because I'm thinking if something like that did happen you'd be duty bound to report it and the hospital would be in danger of losing it's accreditation as a transplant site.

RICHARD: So, hypothetically...

DR. BAILEY: So, hypothetically if the patient got worse would it be unethical for him to receive the heart even though medically his worsened condition now puts him at top of the donor list? Hypothetically.

RICHARD: How bad is he?

DR. BAILEY (looks over Denny’s charts shaking her head): In the few hours it would take for a new LVAD to be delivered he'd be dead.

RICHARD: Our responsibility is to the patient. (Bailey nods) If medically he is at the top of the list then he should get the heart … hypothetically.

DR. BAILEY (starts to walk away): Thank you, sir.

RICHARD (sounds very angry): But practically (Bailey stops) who ever removed the patient from the LVAD I expect to be given names and there will be severe, severe consequences.

DR. BAILEY (softly): Yes, sir.

(Cut to Mercy West where Dr. Hahn is walking with a cooler that obviously contains the donor’s heart. She walks by Alex who is on a hospital phone)

ALEX (into the phone): Wait. Hold on. (out loud) Dr. Hahn.

(Hahn keeps walking and Alex puts the phone down on a gurney and calls out loudly walking behind her)

ALEX: Dr. Hahn!

DR. HAHN: Can’t stop now Karev, I’ve only got a few hours to get this heart into my guy.

ALEX (loud): Dr. Hahn!

(Dr. Hahn stops walking and Alex stops behind her. She turns around upset)

DR. HAHN: UNOS gave the heart to Seattle Grace.

ALEX (nods): The transplant coordinator already called and stopped your guy from being prepped.

DR. HAHN (closes her eyes frustrated): Oh come on! (upset) He has kids. They’re 4 and 5. Do you know how long he has been waiting for this? He’s a good person. He deserves a heart.

ALEX: I’m sorry.

DR. HAHN (scoffs): I’ll bet you are.

ALEX (genuine): No I am. Believe me.

(She reluctantly hands over the cooler to Alex and moves to walk off)

ALEX: Listen. (She turns back to Alex) We have a chopper waiting on the roof.

DR. HAHN: And?



(Burke is lying in his bed while Derek sits by his bedside)

DR. SHEPHERD (smiles): You could take up fishing.

DR. BURKE: I don’t fish.

DR. SHEPHERD: Fishing is a lot more fun than surgery.

DR. BURKE: I have 80% hand function now.

DR. SHEPHERD (nods): Mmm. 80% is not enough. Not for you.

(Burke is silent for a moment and sighs)

DR. BURKE: Fishing, huh?

DR. SHEPHERD (smiles): You don’t fish.

(Burke lifts his other hand to Derek’s and they bump their knuckles together)


(Dr. Hahn gets out with the cooler. Alex follows close behind her)

(Cut to Denny’s bed being moved down a hallway to the O.R hallway and rooms. Olivia is still pumping his heart. Izzie is walking with them. Bailey stands in front of the double doors leading to the O.R hallway. The bed stops moving. Izzie bends down to Denny. Bailey over takes the pumping from Olivia. Bailey looks at Izzie severely disgruntled. Izzie just turns to Denny holding his hand. They smile at each other. Izzie gently lets go of his hand as they start to wheel Denny into the O.R hallway. Izzie stands alone watching Denny being wheeled away from her)

(Cut to Burke being laid down onto an operating table in an O.R. Richard and several other doctors are in there. He looks over at Derek who is getting ready.

DR. BURKE: Shepherd.

DR. SHEPHERD (moves over to him): You don’t have to thank me. I’m sure you’ll return the favor one day.

DR. BURKE: I was going to say please try not to kill me.

(Richard snorts in laughter. Derek and the anesthesiologist chuckle a little)

DR. SHEPHERD: I’ll do my best.

DR. BURKE: Okay.

(The anesthesiologist injects the anesthetic as Richard places the gas mask over Burke. From Burke’s point of view, the light above his head starts to fade)

(Cut to an O.R. where Dr. Hahn is operating on Denny. Bailey and Alex are assisting her. Dr. Hahn removes his heart and holds it in her hands)


DR. HAHN: Look at that thing.

ALEX: Left ventricle is excessively dilated.

DR. BAILEY: He wouldn’t have lasted another hour with this heart.

DR. HAHN: No he wouldn’t have.

(She places it into a silver container that Alex is holding)

(Cut to the O.R where Burke is being operated on by Derek. Richard stands close by)

DR. SHEPHERD: Okay try that little bit over there. Okay, am now removing the aneurysm. Nerve cluster.

(All of a sudden a monitor beeps and the wavers on it decreases in signal)

SCRUBS NURSE: NAP’s are dropping.

ANAESTHESIOLOGIST: Arterial pressure is down 15%.

RICHARD: Did you cut the nerve route?

DR. SHEPHERD: I don’t see any discontinuity of the nerves. All right let’s do a reflex test on his hand.

RICHARD: Okay. (Richard picks up a small silver tong and places it on a large nerve on his arm. Burke’s hand doesn’t move) Nothing.

DR. SHEPHERD: Damn it. Try it again.

RICHARD (tries again and shakes his head): Mmm mmm.

DR. SHEPHERD: This doesn’t make sense. I’d know if I’d severed a nerve.

RICHARD: Derek, is the arm paralyzed?

DR. SHEPHERD: We have to do a wake up test.


DR. SHEPHERD: There's only one person who can help me figure out if I've damaged the relay or not and that’s Burke.

RICHARD: He's been through a lot of trauma today.

DR. SHEPHERD: I’m trying to prevent the trauma he's going to feel if I have to tell him he's paralyzed.

(Cut to George, Cristina, Izzie and Meredith all sitting in a row underneath the O.R schedule board outside the main O.R hallway)

GEORGE: Bailey's treating us like children, we're not children! We shouldn't have to sit out here like we're in time-out or something.

MEREDITH: It is a time-out. What we did is way in need of a time-out.

CRISTINA: You realize we could get kicked out of the program for this?

IZZIE: Not we, I did this. I did this. (to Cristina) You're probably right, maybe I should run. But I'd rather be running towards somebody than running away.

RICHARD (walks up to the group in his scrubs): Yang, Shep's asking for you.

CRISTINA: Uh, for ah Burke's surgery?

RICHARD: Yes, hurry up.

CRISTINA: Uh … I- I can't, I’m in a time-out.

RICHARD: Time-out's over, right now!

CRISTINA (standing up): Yes, sir.

RICHARD: Yang we need you.

(they walk off)

IZZIE: He said marry me right? He did? That really happened?

GEORGE: That really happened.

MEREDITH: It really did.

IZZIE (gets a soft look on her face): Screw this, I'm checking on Denny. (gets up and leaves, leaving only Meredith and George sitting)

(Cut to Burke’s O.R where they are getting ready to wake him up. Richard is standing in there next to him. Cristina is standing at Burke’s bedside on the other side. The anesthesiologist is waking Burke up)

DR. SHEPHERD: Okay. How we doing?

ANAESTHESIOLOGIST: He's at the edge of consciousness. Very light. He should be up soon.

(Richard nods)

DR. SHEPHERD: Okay. Yang. You're up.

CRISTINA (looks startled): Oh, what I’m sorry, what do you need me to do?

DR. SHEPHERD: When he comes to, he’s going to be disoriented. And he’s probably going to fight the intubation. We can’t numb the arm because we need him to move his fingers so he’s going to be in a lot of pain. So we need you to keep him focused okay?

CRISTINA (nods but seems scared): Okay. Yeah.

DR. SHEPHERD: Okay. Let’s- let’s wake him up.

(The anesthesiologist starts to wake him up. Cristina bends down to Burke’s face)

CRISTINA (whispers): Burke.

(Cut to Meredith and George still sitting underneath the O.R schedule board. Meredith looks over at George)

MEREDITH: Thank you, (George looks over at her briefly) for calling me about Izzie.

GEORGE (shakes his head): I- I didn't do you any favors.

MEREDITH: But it meant something that you called. It meant something to me.

GEORGE: It didn't mean anything.

MEREDITH: Right, okay, sorry.

GEORGE (yells causing Meredith to flinch): Stop saying that you're sorry! … …. (speaks in a calm tone) You wanna know something? … I knew. I knew you didn't feel that way about me, even during, when we were in bed I knew. I knew and I still let it happen, because um well (he sighs) I figured that one night with you was better than never. … So, will you just stop saying that you're sorry? Cause you didn't know any better … but I did. … And ... I'm sorry. (turns to look at her) … … I'm sorry Meredith.

(He turns back, staring straight ahead. Meredith just looks at him silently)

(Cut to the O.R where Burke is being operated on. Cristina is still bent down low at his face. He’s still unconscious)

CRISTINA (softly): Burke, its Cristina. I’m sorry I- (she glances at Derek and then speaks more louder and determined) Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Burke.

(Burke slowly starts to open one eyelid. From Burke’s point of view Cristina face slowly comes into focus. His heart rate monitor starts beeping faster)

CRISTINA (softly): Baby, wake up. Do it for me. Open your eyes. Hi. Hi.

(Soon Cristina is in clear focus. The camera switches to show Burke suddenly starts convulsing as he fully wakes up struggling against the tubes in his mouth. Cristina jumps up alarmed)

DR. SHEPHERD: Get ready. Get ready. (Derek and Richard attempt to hold him down) Calm him down. Calm him down.

(Cristina just watches paralyzed by fear)


DR. SHEPHERD: Cristina! Get in there! Cristina, talk to him! Cristina!


DR. SHEPHERD: Get in there! (to others) Hold him down!

(Cristina just watches unable to move)


DR. SHEPHERD: Calm him down! (yells) Cristina!

(Cristina just looks away)

(Cut to the O.R where Bailey and Hahn are operating on Denny with Alex assisting. The new heart has been placed in his body and beating)

DR. BAILEY: Scissors.

(Bailey hands Erica Hahn scissors with she uses to snap a remaining piece of thread tying the heart in place)

ALEX: It’s beautiful work Dr. Hahn.

DR. HAHN: The hard part is still to come. (to the anesthesiologist in that O.R) All right let’s start taking him off by-pass. (the anesthesiologist nods and switches it off) See if this heart will beat on its own.

(They all look at the heart which has now stopped beating. They look at the monitors which are all completely flat-lined)

DR. HAHN (starts pumping the heart with her hand): All right, come on Denny. Beat for me.

(She looks to the screen which has one or two bars but due to her manual pumping)

(Cut to Burke struggling viscously in the O.R with several people holding him down including Richard and Derek)

DR. SHEPHERD (screams): Cristina!

(She just looks away)

DR. SHEPHERD: Hold him down Chief. Hold his arm. (he leans over to talk to Burke himself) Preston. Preston. Look at me. Look at me. Right here. Listen. Listen. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Listen. There was a complication, we can fix it. We need you to move (Burke just shakes his head anxiously) your fingers on your right side. (Cristina is still just looking away) Can you do that? (Burke struggles less but tears are coming from his eyes and he’s still kind of half choking on the tubing in his throat) Come on you can do this. Look at me. Look at me. On you’re right hand okay? I know, I know. It’s just you and me. You can do this. Okay. Come on, focus. Focus. (Burke has completely stopped struggling) Now, you’re going to move your fingers on the right, can you do that? Come on Preston, you can do it.

(Richard puts his hand on Burke’s arm to check if he can move his fingers)

DR. SHEPHERD: Move your fingers. Move your fingers.

(Cristina is finally glancing over to see what is happening. Burke is unable to move his fingers)

DR. SHEPHERD: Come on. Come on. (he whispers fast) Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

(Camera gives a close up of Burke’s hand spread open with the fingers not moving)

(Cut to Denny's O.R. where Dr. Hahn has just shocked Denny's new heart)

DR. BAILEY: No response. Charge to 20.

DR. HAHN: Clear.

(She shocks his heart again)

(Again the heart monitor remains completely flat-lined)

DR. HAHN: Come on. (She pumps his heart again with her hand) Come on.

(The heart monitor remains flat lined. Alex looks concerned and then looks up to see Izzie watching from an empty gallery looking very concerned)

(The camera focuses in on Denny who is unconscious and you can still hear the flat lined monitor)

(Cut to Burke’s O.R. where he convulses a little before plopping back onto the table. Cristina looks on scared)

(Cut to Denny’s O.R where Bailey looks on worried as Dr. Hahn continues to pump Denny’s heart by hand)

DR. HAHN: Come on.

(Cut to Derek anxiously watching Burke’s hand for any sign of movement. The camera again closes in up on Burke’s hand which shows no movement at all)

(Cut back to Denny’s O.R. where the camera shows Denny’s face up close unconscious and the heart monitor flat lined)

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