Cristina goes to Dermatology to get cream for her patient

Dermatology is a surgical specialty dealing with the skin and its diseases.

Notable DermatologistsEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In Season 5, Cristina was shocked to dicscover the peacefulness of dermatology. They pour juice, get massaged and even hand off interesting cases to one another, there is no conflict or tension at all, unlike the surgical floor.
  • George O'Malley described the work of a dermatologist as rubbing lotion on people for a living.
  • When Dr. Pepman stated she was a first-year resident, this is not a continuity error. First-year dermatology residents are not interns, as they are in the second year of their post-graduate education. Dermatology requires a medical or surgical internship their first year, and the following year, they begin their dermatology residency. This is different to surgical residents, as the intern year and the 1st year resident are the same year.

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