Tara worked at the day care at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Meredith Playing with ZolaEdit

Meredith came into the day care to play with Zola after she was fired. While Janet Meyers was talking to Meredith and asking her questions about how they were adjusting to Zola, Tara came up and asked Meredith if she was planning to take Zola because the schedule said that Derek was supposed to get here, tipping off Janet that Meredith and Derek weren't living together. ("Free Falling")

Tuck's DisappearanceEdit

When Bailey came to get Tuck after working on the case of Holly Wheeler, who had been kidnapped, she didn't see him in the day care. She asked Tara to call a code pink. Tara tried to decline, but Bailey insisted. However, before Tara could complete the call, Tuck reappeared with another teacher. ("The Girl with No Name")


Tara works at the day care at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


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