Dante Kane is the husband of Kathleen Kane, a patient who died at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Wife's AccidentEdit

Dante came into the hospital with his wife when she was punctured by a baseball bat. He was worried about her.

Leah came to update him as they took her into surgery. When Marcus, Dante's brother, approached, this created an awkward situation, as Leah didn't know what to say. He was distraught when the doctors informed him that she died in surgery. Callie decided to spare his feelings and told him that his wife said she loved him rather than revealing the affair.



Kathleen KaneEdit

He was married to Kathleen Kane until her death. Unbeknownst to him, she cheated on him with his brother, Marcus.


Marcus KaneEdit

Marcus Kane is Dante's brother. Marcus was at the hospital to support Dante after the accident. However, Marcus was also secretly sleeping with Dante's wife.

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