Dana Leggett is the mother of James Leggett.


Initial SurgeriesEdit

Dana's son, James, was born with crouzon syndrome, a genetic condition that caused his skull bones to fuse before they should have. James was a patient of Mark Sloan. Mark and Derek Shepherd did James' first cranial expansion. In total, Mark operated on James five times to give him a more normal appearance.

Final SurgeryEdit

Mark initially planned for James's final surgery just to move his upper jaw forward. However, Jackson's plan involved his entire mid-face being moved forward in a single block. Above Arizona and Derek's objections, Jackson proceeded with the surgery.



She is married to Phil Leggett and they have a son, James Leggett.


Her son, James Leggett, has Crouzon Syndrome and had had several surgeries to make his face appear more normal.

Notes and TriviaEdit