Crystal is one of the parents whose baby was in the NICU during the super storm.


During the super storm, the NICU was partially evacuated. However, when the last rig to go out got stuck before leaving the parking lot, they kept the rest of the babies in place in the NICU. When the batteries on their ventilators started to die and no backup batteries were available, the doctors quietly stepped in and manually ventilated the infants. However, when Tim alerted the parents to the fact that the batteries were dying, they began to panic. However, Derek Shepherd and Arizona Robbins were able to calm them down and teach them how to ventilate their own babies so there would be enough hands to save all of them.



She has a child who was in the NICU at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital during the super storm. She was initially reluctant to try manually ventilating her daughter, but Jo assured her that it was easy and helped her do it correctly.

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