Clay Rolich is the husband of Mary Rolich, who had surgery to remove a tumor previously believed to be unresectable.


Mary's DiagnosisEdit

When his wife, Mary, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that spread into both halves of the brain and was therefore considered to be inoperable, they decided to have a baby.

Emma's BirthEdit

Two weeks before Mary's due date, she gave birth to a daughter they named Emma. Meredith Grey, who delivered Emma, heard about Mary's tumor and passed the scans on to Lexie to show to Derek.

Tumor RemovalEdit

When Derek saw the scans, he went to Clay and Mary and told them he believed he could remove Mary's tumor. Mary was excited and eager to have the surgery, but Clay resisted, saying that Emma needed the six months she had left with her mother and the surgery could take away those six months. After a conversation with Meredith, Clay came around and Mary had the surgery. Despite it being more difficult than Derek initially thought, he was able to proceed and the surgery was successful.



He is married to Mary Rolich. Together, they have one daughter, Emma Rolich.


When his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor thought to be inoperable, they decided to have a baby. Their daughter, Emma, was born two weeks before her due date.


Clay and Mary have a neighbor named Diane Schiffman whom Mary said would make a great wife and she was great with the kids at a block party. Clay claimed it was because she was always drunk. He then said another neighbor, Wendy McDowell, was too uptight. He then proposed Erin Miller, but was told she's way too hot for him.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He lives in Olympia, Washington.

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