Chuck Cain was a patient who came into the hospital in need of heart surgery.


Heart SurgeryEdit

Chuck came into the ER after a syncopal episode. He was discovered to have a narrowed aortic valve. Alex planned to do open-heart surgery to replace Chuck's valve. However, Chuck didn't want to be left with a scar on his chest, as he says that women see a scar on your chest and all they see is a lifetime of hospitals and bad sex. He proposed an alternate surgery, a TAVI, which would only leave a small scar in his groin area, a surgery his friend had had. Alex did the research, but ultimately refused to do a TAVI, leaving Teddy to operate on Chuck instead.



Chuck is very flirty. When he had his surgery, he was concerned with having a scar and that turning off the ladies, so he proposed an alternate surgery that would not leave a scar on his chest.


He has a friend named Tony who had had the same heart problem Chuck had and had a TAVI to fix it.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 71 at the time of his heart surgery.

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